Mamma’s Treatment – Aromatika Frangipani Body Scrub & Full Body Massage

AromatikaExeter_Jan2015-159It’s taken me almost a month to sit down and find the time to write about my fabulous Treatment I had a back in August, which isn’t that bad considering I used my voucher which my lovely ladies (*M.A) kindly gave me for my birthday in MARCH!

I decided on having the Body Buff, Polish and Frangipani Salt Scrub Special as the summer has seriously taken its toll on my poor body, plus it’s the perfect way to prep your body before a Massage, which was also coming by way! My mum (Nanna) was coming to watch Phoebe but the pre treatment switch didn’t run so smooth. Nanna ended up putting the car seat in her car, unattended even though I had insisted I should do it, but she carried on and somehow ended up getting it horribly wrong. I had to leave as was already running late, wondering what was happening…but I was gone and tried not to worry!

When I arrived at Aromatika Beauty Rooms in Queen Street I was pretty soaked due to the gorgeous August showers, but was instantly welcomed by soft summer aromas. I quickly climbed the steep stairs as its in an old Victorian town house with beautiful high ceiling into the waiting room where lovely music played and something else smelling gorgeous hit me! I was welcomed by my therapist Jessica and taken into one of the 4 large elegant and beautiful boutique treatment rooms. The bed was all set up and various other stations for nails and facials, the chandelier was a nice touch and the large ornate mirror made the room feel much bigger!

The treatment started by Jessica using a hard body brush all over my body in a soft but brisk way, It really felt like it was clearing all that dead skin off! Next step the luxurious Frangipani Raw sugar cane was rubbed all over, which smelt Devine and made me feel special, then followed warm mitts to remove all the salts. The clever towel placement meant it was all very easy and efficient, meaning no salts were still there or stuck to me!

Jessica then got the oils ready and began my Full Body Aromatherapy Massage, starting on my arms, working onto my legs, which was great as I do lots of walking, pushing, and lifting a heavy little girl up and around all day…so definitely in need of an arm & leg massage! The hot mitts were then used again on my feet using pressure/massage points to close the front side before turning over for my favourite Back/neck & shoulder!

During this part, I was a bit worried I might have started to dribble through the face hole, as I was in heaven! Relaxing music, massage, and also time to myself, un interrupted!  After the treatment I was given a few minutes to get myself together and given a much needed glass of water, I was parched after all the detoxifying and rubbing! A quick hair scrap back and towel face check I was ready to go back into the outside world and more importantly my little girl Phoebe. A took a leisurely walk back via Exeter Quay before returning home and back to normality! *M.A = Mum’s ArmyAromatikaExeter_Jan2015-139

The full treatment was 90 minutes and totally worth the special price of £49 (normally £69)

Frangipani Body Scrub & Full body massage 1.5 hours : £69

Body brush, buff and polish with a luxurious organic raw sugar cane scrub followed by a relaxing full body massage – a fabulous treat.

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