A Little Catch up (better late than never!) 

Welcome 2016 – Wow another year down, which means I am now closer to becoming 29 (March) my daughter will turn 2 in April  (yippee official terrible 2’s) and  I have to learn to drive….yes a car and yes I can’t drive!

The last few months, I haven’t been writing due to the fact I’ve been so busy with the run up to Christmas, playgroups, my Usborne Book business, friends of the children’s library fair and keeping a household somewhat ship shape and shiny! These are all excuses I know but it’s just felt like one thing after another recently…and breathe!!


Friend’s of Exeter Children’s Library Christmas Fair

 Moving onto the gorgeous growing minx Phoebe, watching her development from 18 – 21 months has been amazing, challenging at times. I have a wonderful wilful little girl who is becoming very good at climbing, talking and throwing text book tantrums, amongst many other things!  Also P’s been teething for about 2 months…but we have 4 new teeth to show for it all. Only another couple to go until we’ll have a full house, when that day comes I’ll be a happy feckin mamma!

Christmas. Ages ago I know but I feel I must mention it! Phoebe was still too young this time for the whole elf on a shelf thing, Santa visits etc..so we happily just carried out our own family traditions with their following;

  • Peppa Pig advent CHOCOLATE! 

This went down a ruddy treat every morning, even if it meant a cray cray crazy feebs it was totally worth her little face lighting up when she noticed it each morning….or every time she woke up from a nap “peppa?”

  • Christmas Tree & Decorating 

Our tree picking wasn’t memorial or with a photo as Phoebe was asleep…oh well at least we saved a tantrum amongst the over priced decorations and mugs! Decorating didn’t go to well either, shit everywhere + 1 overexcited toddler = carnage! So once the bloody tree n lights plus decorations were finished it was enough excited for her! she saw the tree as a daily challenge..Oohhh something shiny, new…hmmm I think I want to touch it, eat it, lick it and bash it! Phoebe doesn’t give up easily and she somehow managed to contort her body and limbs in ways I haven’t seen her do before just to get a little touch of it!!


  • Gradual presents

We’ve learnt that staggering presents helps, as it can be a bit overwhelming, but this also meant that by Christmas Day it she thought every present was for her and started to help unwrap…them all! Her main big present was from my mum and step dad, who very generously got her an amazing wooden little kitchen! I’m going to do a separate post on this! Phoebe received some lovely gifts as did we, so Thank-You everyone, we were spoilt!


  • PJ’S

My mum always gives me and my sister a new set of pjs for Christmas, which must be opened on Christmas Eve, I love it, even now I still get them (writing this whilst wearing them), so Nanna also got Phoebe some, she joined in before her bed!

Okay! I finally feel like I can move on from Christmas baggage! New year was spend on the sofa in comfy clothes, Chinese takeaway, well actually they don’t deliver so meals on legs from down the road, teamed with a few cold beers whilst watching the Jools Holland hootenanny on telly with my Drewbie plus it was going nuts outside with fireworks, luckily the minx didn’t wake up!!!

Sleepy selfie Christmas morning
Now I’m almost back up to date! I can finish 2015, start writing about all the radom adventures me and Phoebe have been getting up! Also I have lots of exciting new goals and ideas for 2016, I’m going to start sharing too!

Thanks for reading again.

Grandad Dog & Daddy Pig building the Kitchen on Christmas Eve!

Phoebe enjoying her new kitchen



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