Book Worm 

I became an Independent Usborne Organiser in September 15′ and I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned it yet. This is a strange thing because anyone who know me, know’s that its pretty much all I’ve been banging on about for months! I wouldn’t go as far as saying I’ve become known as the “book pusher” yet or maybe I have?

One of the great perks about about this job is that I get to browse all the new titles before they hit the shops, and pre order. I’m able to get free and half prices books plus discounts. I’m not sure why I love this part so much, probably because I love the feeling of a grabbing a bargain.

My Usborne Independent Organiser Facebook Page

I haven’t been that pro-active in my Usborne organising since Christmas, as I figured most parenting won’t be adding to their kids library just yet. The break has given me an opportunity to regroup, look at the 2016 catalogue, create new goals and finally go through all my stock.

Phoebe has always enjoyed her books but when teething has a tendency to chew everything like a puppy…so then I have the hide the books. Feebs has just started saying the word “booookkksss”. Quite cute the first few times she said it upon thrusting and throwing books at my face, not so cute the 20th time that day. However I absolutely love the fact she’s into reading and has a huge book collection, plus library books.

Story and book time has a massive role in our daily routine as thankfully it has always had a calming influence on my active daughter.We had to change up the bedtime stories at around 14 months, mainly because we found stories where making her more alert and when they ended she had a mega meltdown. Her bedtime story is now before her bath, which works much better for everyone.

Mini Book
I want to include our love for books into the blog by creating Phoebe’s Books of the Month. As we are half way through February already I’ll start our book journey Early March.

Board Book
Library fun

Cuddle Fairy
A Cornish Mum
Pink Pear Bear

14 thoughts on “Book Worm 

  1. Ah I have always been a real bookworm as a child and into adulthood. At my baby shower everybody brought a book to start my little boy’s collection and I already read to him everyday. He doesn’t understand the stories or anything but he seems to enjoy being read to and looking at the pictures! I think they are a great bonding and learning tool. #BloggerClubUK

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    1. Yeah me too, always head my head in a book, wish I had more time these days. That’s such a lovely idea for gifts, they will keep on giving, so thoughtful and kind. He will just love listening to your voice and the like you said that bonding. Enjoy your book time together.


    1. It’s so lovely watching kids reading, what are their favourites? Oh and I love the perks of the job and Phoebe does too, everyone’s a winner! X


  2. My little girl loves books, i started buying books for her before she was born so she now has quite the collection. All she does is pick random books and sit there looking through them. I love the idea of having a sneak peek of the new books before they come out x

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    1. That’s such a lovely idea, book buying is additive 🙂 Bless her, at least she’s enjoying them. I found just having one or two books out made her focus a bit more. Yes I love the new titles email, March’s titles are out now. I’ll share soon X


  3. I had a go at usborne a few years ago as I love their titles so much. I didn’t really have the time for it though, and found it too hard to push sales so gave it up, I’m not a natural sales person! I think I actually ended up buying most of the books myself to meet the initial target but the good thing is that we still have loads of titles for them to grow into. I still adore the books and their illustrations are fabulous. I think books are 100% the best gift. Good luck with it all! Thanks for linking up to the #bigpinklink

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    1. It’s a great job but you do really have to get involved and be totally on it! I need more sales, been off the scene…getting back on it though with some online book parties 🎈📚 thanks for the luck 🙂

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  4. I love Osbourne books we use to have a lady visit us at music bus and we always ended up with something new! Love the idea of a book a month too – look forward to reading. Thank you for joining us at #BloggerClubUK hope to see you again this week x

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    1. The usborne books are great, and there is always someone selling them 🙂 oh I’m glad you like my book of the month idea, I am just starting to draft the first one 🙂 I will try my best X


  5. I love books and my boys always had so many of them when they were small! Well they still do, they just aren’t quite such cute books with them being 10 and 11 and a half now 🙂

    Thanks for linking up to #picknMix

    Stevie x

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    1. So nice to hear your book lovers too! The early years books are so gorgeous, bright and colourful but I really can’t wait to read her the classics. What do your boys like reading? X


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