Candid Cuddles #2

Happy Valentine’s Day, I hope your all feeling the love and soaking up the beautiful energy this day has to offer. I’m linking up for the second with the lovely Beth over at Cuddle Fairy for her weekly #candidcuddlyquotes who made me her favourite quote post from my last week, thanks so much.

Over the last week I’ve definitely been feeling the love and strength from all angles and  angels…yes I believe in them and use them for guidance daily. Sounds silly but I’ve been calling them in for confidence with my writing and for motivation. So it seemed perfect to share another one of my favourite quotes that is again hanging in my home. 

A gift from my dad, when I moved to Ibiza.  


Cuddle Fairy

14 thoughts on “Candid Cuddles #2

  1. Oh what a lovely present off your dad, when my daughter moved away to go to uni, I sent her off with a similar quote in her luggage. Congratulations on being Becky’s fav last week and thank you very much for linking up. Have a great evening x #Candidcuddles

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    1. Thanks Lisa, I was totally stunned when I got the message that I’d been chosen as the favourite, haven’t stopped smiling 🙂 it’s such a lovely gift to give, your daughter must look at it and always think of you!

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