Word of the week #1

Choosing one word to sum up my week, has been tough. I have been through so many different emotions with Phoebe, good and bad. Her general mood and behaviour has totally thrown me, she’s has been a proper toddler on a mission. Nothing is safe anymore now we have entered the next level, Feebs is racing ahead while I’m still getting used to this dinky devil’s new found skills.
Garden Madness
How are toddlers so sneaky and clever? Phoebe is 22 months old and is managing to cause so much destruction and mayhem wherever we go. She’s changed so much this week, physically grown plus going through a huge development leap.

Pretty exhausting for everyone. Every night this week, once Phoebe has gone to bed, I’ve sat down and felt as if I’ve ran a marathon, achey, tired and hurting in places I didn’t know could hurt. Early nights for the whole family this week after my little Phoebe has been on on overdrive.

I got mumma’s phone selfie

Which brings me nicely to my chosen word of the week: GIFT (2)

The Reading Residence

17 thoughts on “Word of the week #1

    1. Thanks, it really has felt like utter mayhem. Hard work for sure, but totally worth it! Looking forward to joining in with a less manic work next week.


    1. So glad I’m not alone. Totally with you on the workout, it’s like full on zuma at the moment 🙂 yes twins look hard work, respect to those mothers 🙂 X


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