Candid Cuddles #3

Still in your PJ’s at 12 o’clock, listening to the bacon sizzling under the grill, warm ish coffee in hand and eyes glued to my laptop/Iphone, must only mean one thing…its Sunday. It’s suppose to be the day of rest and reflection, but for me it’s more like the a day of cleaning. Plus the house always looks untidy by the end of the day, as I’ve got clean washing hanging everywhere like some sort of Chinese Laundry.
Silly Sunday selfie

So Sunday for me is for normally fairly relaxed, and once all my cinderella chores are done I do sit down and mentally plan my week ahead, as well as going over the previous week like a little news feed in my head. This week just thinking back is exhausting, Phoebe has been pretty full on and hard work. She’s totally upped her tantrums, her climbing ability, determination (if that was possible) and decided naps are now just an occasional thing. We’ve had my sister and her boyfriend over from Ibiza visiting for a few days, our house was the meeting point so we could enjoy the fun. By the third night we did feel like we had been on “come dine with me”

Phoebe absolutely loved the social side of this week, I also loved it as it meant I got a well needed 5 minutes rest. My sister was great with Phoebe and seeing them together was very special, we sound and look alike so I think that helps.They spent most of time playing and after 3 days Phoebe can now say “Lou Lou” so cute. We also had both sets of Grandparents over which Phoebe was delighted with and thankfully it didn’t disrupt the bed time routine too much. Me and daddy pig had proper adult conversations and for a whole night I didn’t suddenly break into “PAW PATROL, PAW PATROL WHENEVER YOURE IN TROUBLE!!!” we both had a couple of cheeky drinks and even popped a CD on, one night.It’s been an exhausting family fun filled week with a few hiccups along the way…gas cooker going off whilst mid way through cooking lasagne, forgotten changing bag, getting caught in a sand storm pushing a buggy with a super winey toddler, and many more.

Washing Line

Having had such a difficult and challenging week, I have noticed people want to give you lots of advice and I know they are only trying to help, but I somehow find it hard to listen and take it on board. I wanted a quote to somehow reflect this and after hearing the sad news that one of my favourite authors had passed away, Harper Lee I knew using her quote was perfect.
Harper Lee (1)
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10 thoughts on “Candid Cuddles #3

  1. oh I didn’t know she had passed away that is so sad, love that quote it really is so true! I am ignoring the washing at the moment but it will be back to bite me in the butt I know, if only I could have Cinderella here! #candidcuddles

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    1. A gorgeous quote by a beautiful women, it seemed perfect to share for my mood and to pay my respects. I hope your washing got done and sorry I was hogging Cinderella! X


  2. Lovely post and a beautiful quote too! I know how it feels on a Sunday, it’s like never-ending housework here at home as well. Phoebe looks so adorable! By the way, Thanks so much for linking up with #candidcuddles this week.

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    1. Thanks so much.It really is a beautiful quote and I’m so happy with the response over it. We should rename is Cleanday! She is a cutie pie with a cheeky Cherry on top 🍒 no problems thanks for hosting a great link


  3. Oh wow that sounds like a very busy week! My Sunday’s are often the same too, one day Cinderella will visit me ha! A beautiful quote from the magnificent Harper Lee, we nearly called our dog Atticus, but decided it was too cliched (I’m a lawyer in real life ha)! For the record, I never give advice, I’m still trying to work it out myself ha! Have a good week lovely xx

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    1. It really was a busy week, here there and everywhere 🙂 come rain or shine I was out and about in it. I hope cinders comes soon for you, she’s a good worker! Glad you like the quote as much as me, And I love the idea of the name Atticus for a dog, what did you go with instead? Have a good week G X


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