Wicked Wednesday #5

My little minx has always been a great lover of covering/wrapping herself up in fabric, materials, pillows and most recently the curtains. 

I was so intrigued by this style of play and behaviour (is she nuts!?!?) I wanted to learn more about what it meant (before panicking!) Pretty quickly I discovered it was part of something called a Schema. In English it’s basically patterns of repeated behaviour in your child’s play. There are so many of them  I’ll do a seperate post, explaining but for now, The Enveloping Schema – An interest in covering themselves or other objects.

Phoebe has incorporated her love of dancing and twirling with the enveloping Schema. Thus creating a own her crazy style of play. 

Hide n seek dancing

Linking up with Brummymummyof2 for those real life, funny parenting photos. #wickedwednesday 


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