Candid Cuddles #4

I have had another tough, full on toddler week…how can her little hands be everywhere! My football team (LFC) have just lost a final, my daughter is also teething with molars (only these 4 to go!) plus has a nasty cough but after sitting down, having a think one of my favourite quotes popped into my head….

Aunty Gemma & Baby Arlo came for lunch
Cuddle Fairy

10 thoughts on “Candid Cuddles #4

    1. It’s so hard to apply it but worth trying I say! Thanks for the comment, I was hoping for a better week, however Phoebe has other ideas, now has a cold/molar pain!!! Ekkk!


    1. Thanks for a lovely comment 🙂 it really can be easy to forgot the little good bits of our days. Today we had wonderful weird and wacky day with Phoebe! X


  1. I love this quote! I shared it myself a while ago, it’s such a good reminder isn’t it, when the tough days get you down. My daughter just turned 2 on Saturday so I know what you’re going through, they’re just so busy! x

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    1. Thanks Madeleine, it really it such a strong powerful reminder to look at things with a smile on those down days. They are so busy and just don’t stop..ever! Phoebe will be 2 at the end of April, wish me luck 🙂 x


  2. Lovely quote hun & so true. Sometimes when things are tough it helps to focus on all we can be thankful for. I hope those teeth pop through soon! Thanks so much for sharing with candid cuddles x

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    1. Thanks Becky, I’m glad you like it. It really helps me stay in the moment 😉 these bloody teeth have been the worst part of parenting, honestly we have the 4 molars to come through and I can’t wait for the day when they finally come and we have a full house! X


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