Wicked Wednesday #6

I have far too many photos to choose from for this weeks #Wicked Wesnesday, but my favourite has to be the photo below. 

Taken during what can only be described as a Toddler Take Over! One of my amazing mamma mates, C.C had her birthday last week, so us mamma’s decided to go for lunch…with our 5 toddlers in tow. We set off for a lovely sunny walk along the quay/ river, the toddlers made it clear they also wanted to walk, so out they came. Isn’t want easy…dodging bikes, runners and occasionally a dog plus pushing an empty stroller was hard work! 

When we finally arrived, there were only 3 high chairs, so we struggled keeping them all down. Picture the scene…ones trying to escape  under the table, another is jumping up and down on a chair shouting “weee weeee” (my feral child) and the others are scattered about playing with mayonnaise sachets trying to sneak into the kitchen!! 

After being told repeately to “sit down” in my best non-shouty -I’m in public voice, Phoebe started to get bored and mischievous, so thought it would be a good idea to throw a nice hot chip into my soda and lime, which took me ages to que up for. Cheers darling.

Hot chip mum?

22 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday #6

    1. I’m going to have to try that one as normally I mutter “you can do this, you can do this!” At least she’s “exploring” my new favourite word. X


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