Candid Cuddles #5

I know its Mother’s Day today but Saturday it was Birthday and I turned the ripe old age of 29. So this week I wanted a quote to reflect age without being too heavy. I think Emily Dickinson has captured it perfectly.
Cuddle Fairy

13 thoughts on “Candid Cuddles #5

  1. Happy Birthday! Hope you have had a fabulous day 😊 How lovely to be so close to Mother’s day! Great quote, I have not heard this before – but it’s a good one to remember. #candidcuddles

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    1. Thank you Annette, it was a fab weekend with lovely meals and company, presents and flowers! So pleased you like the quote, someone said it to me once and it just stuck X


    1. Thanks, it’s one my wise mate just to say to be every birthday so it stuck! Happy birthday for next week, I hear life begins at 40! X


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