Wicked Wednesday’s #7 

My little explorer was not very impressed when we explained to her we had finished our walk and had to get back in the car…cue the biggest tanty on record!

We’ve had plenty of tantrums over the past few months but this one stole the show. All the usual text book tantrum traits appeared but we also got to hear a new cry. This little pretend sob with the new addition of hands over her eyes. Me and daddy pig had to keep our cool in the front, whilst trying not to laugh, but it was so funny.

Once in the car seat (such a song and dance) she started thrashing about, screaming, kicking her feet and shouting “meeee gooooo” “noooo” and “walllkkkk!!” After 10 minutes, she gave up, got stuck into the top 40 tunes and had a little dance. By far the funniest tantrum so far!




22 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday’s #7 

    1. They can be so funny, and when the tanty it’s over something so silly, it really makes us giggle! They seem to be getting more dramatic with age!!


    1. Such a battle getting her in, she’s a strong little one. Thanks, I was trying so hard not to laugh, quick photo and soothing words…not that they helped her.


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