Word of the Week #2

The last few weeks have been a total adjustment and learning curve, as Phoebe has had a huge development leap plus a physical one too. I’ve really felt it this week, it has been some what of a challenge, I’ve found myself having to plan and think of lots of outdoor actives for my nonstop toddler. Luckily we live in a beautiful part of the country and as I grew up here, I know Exeter and its seaside surrounding quite well.
Feeding the ducks in Topsham Quay
So this week I planned a schedule. Our week consisted of play groups, parks, duck/seagull feeding, dancing to buskers,trains, buses, play dates, swimming, gardening, tantrums and most importantly lots of walking for Phoebe. It has been such an full on busy week, we haven’t stopped, and its felt so good to get out and about, enjoying the weather being the social butterflies that we are. I have been slightly out my comfort zone on more than one occasion….trying to push the stroller one handed, while the other hand holds Phoebe’s, with her attempting to bite my hand like some rabid dog to break free and dive into the river! I think her molars are coming through as she’s back to biting everything and anything again.
Which leads me onto my word of the week, Active. What would be your word of the week? Let me know, I’d love to hear.WOTW2
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2 thoughts on “Word of the Week #2

  1. Active sounds like the perfect word to sum up your week! You’ve been very busy, toddlers can make you be like that.can’t they? My son’s always been pretty good at holding my hand when we’re out, but my girl would always be trying to escape me! At least the weather’s been brighter to be out and about, here’s hoping it lasts. Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

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    1. It was indeed active and non stop. Phoebe has been a bit better this week at hand holding but not so good at listening or looking where she is going…danger!!! See you next week X


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