The early bird catches the worm

For the past few weeks, let’s say a month Phoebe has been waking up anywhere between 6-6:30 am. I’m not going to lie, I’ve been struggling with these early starts but us morning mumma’s have to suck it up despite it still being dark outside, entertain our children (or pop the telly on) while trying to wake up and somehow managed to make the sweet nectar that is coffee.

Morning dress up
This morning however, Phoebe threw a total spanner in the works, by waking up at 5:05am. Unlike her, I figured maybe she’d lost one of her 2 dummy (one to hold and one to suck) so quickly nipped in to find the du du on the floor, back in the mouth and that should have been that. The little minx had other ideas, standing up not wanting to go back down. Normally I would try and get her back to sleep, but I was tired so I brought her into bed with mummy and daddy, not ideal but I hoped she’d cuddle up and drift back off.

I couldn’t have been more wrong. Phoebe was not interested in sleeping even though clearly she was cream cracked. At first she did try but the temptation of throwing the dummy’s down the back of our bed or pulling my hair was far more appealing.

She carried on with her games for another 45 minutes, before I gave in at 5:49 and we came down stairs, Phoebe ecstatic and me emotional. After I had calmed down and was on my second cup of coffee, I came up with my top 5 co sleeping annoyances and wanted to share.

PJ playing

1. Dummies

Phoebe finds it funny to throw her dummies down the back of our bed, then demands for them back, immediately by screaming in one of our ears “du du gone” I find this so iterating, she knows what’s she’s doing yet still does it!

2. Hair pulling

My pet hate. This is the most physical game Phoebe plays, we’ve moved on from chunks of hair to individual strands. She now pulls those little fly away ones on you’re neck, which really hurts and when I say “owwwweee” she just laughs.

3. Nose

This is the one that I suppose gets the best reaction from us, a cheeky finger up the nose! The first time she did it I was so shocked, I screamed, waking daddy pig up. Sometimes it’s a hook, or a grab and I’ve even had two fingers up each nostril. It’s worse when her nails are sharp, ouch. 

4. Boob kicks

To achieve the best angle, she has to have her back pressed up to daddy’s upper back and then is at the perfect height to kick my tits! It’s like she knows when they are sore. Sometimes it’s a boob flop, she gets her foot under by boob and almost lifts it up (sleeping on my side) embarrassing for me, yet total enjoyment for the minx.

5. Wriggling

Generally Phoebe will be kicking and wriggling around like a little worm to get comfy. Normally once I have finally drifted off, I get a sharp jab in the ribs and back. Pillow stealing also comes into this, she gets herself into some funny positions.

Curtains still closed, bunny and Ben & Holly.
So there you have it, all the bits of co sleeping that annoy the crap out of me. Please share your kids sleeping habits, tell me I’m not alone?


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11 thoughts on “The early bird catches the worm

    1. When they are little babies, it’s almost a bit novelty and they are in such a feeding frenzy that you don’t notice these things, then when they move to their own too. you suddenly realise all the little annoying bits they do! Totally worth it and just remember every baby is different so every ones journey will be too. Thanks for commenting X


  1. Eek I remember how painful little feet to the ribs were, though little fingers right up your nose are worse! My boys are 10 and almost 12 now so way past the wanting to climb into bed with me stage, plus they’re never awake before me the lazy toads 😉 Thanks for linking up to #PicknMix

    Stevie x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. She is so squirmy and kicks me everywhere, but agreed the nose is the worst, sharp nails were a shock! I’m looking forward to those kind of morning! My pleasure, see you next week


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