Wicked Wednesday # 10

Over the Easter weekend we made the most of Saturday’s nice weather by popping to our local seaside town, Exmouth and headed straight for the beach.

Phoebe loves beach time and will often ask to “go beach” it’s great as it means she can pretty much run around and be free. She throws herself around in the sand, eats it and most recently she’s been enjoying covering daddy pigs shoes (new) with the stuff and shouting “hide” or “shoes gone” at the top of her lungs!

Sandy Shoes


Does your toddler also eat sand on the beach? Let me know I’d love to hear about what other children do, when let loose on the beach!

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10 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday # 10

  1. Oh bless how adorable is she. Oh gosh no my girls are to much of a princess to eat sand *phew*. To be honest they literally freak out if sand blows in their mouth lol. Ella and Holly like to build sandcastles, collect shells and splash in the water. xx #wickedwednesdays

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    1. She is a cutie, but a total crazy one on the beach! She isn’t phased one bit by dry sand however wet sand is still a bit of touchy subject. Oh collecting shells, I used to love that as a kid, can’t wait until Phoebe is old enough to go into the Rock pools and building sand castles 🙂 thanks for commenting X


    1. Thanks Philippa, being in the the south west does have it advantages, it’s gets busy in summer but the spring is the best. Thanks for commenting X


    1. I really don’t get it, but she just loves the stuff! It’s like a fricken magnet for children, calling them “lick me” X see you next week! I have a cracker 🙂


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