Wicked Wednesday’s #14

It’s been quite a busy week, with lots of final birthday party prep for Phoebes 2nd birthday, celebrating Daddy’s pigs birthday with a weekend away to Bude, Cornwall and generally dealing with a teething toddler who wants to bite everything, including sand!  It’s been harder snapping photos this week, as Phoebe is so much more … More Wicked Wednesday’s #14

Wicked Wednesdays #13

The last few weeks, Phoebe has really started to take more of an interest in the day to day task of cleaning and laundry! Great I hear you saying, that’s so sweet, she’s getting involved, but it’s not all plain sailing. Yesterday we had a Mexican basket stand off, where she decided the basket was … More Wicked Wednesdays #13

Happy List #1 – If you’re happy and you know it, write a list….

Recently I’ve found myself getting bogged down by the smallest of things! I seem to over analyse situations, get worried about money like most people I’m sure and stress over the mummy guilt more than I’d like. I would say I’m a confident outgoing person, I’ll talk to anyone and often make friends in the … More Happy List #1 – If you’re happy and you know it, write a list….

My Linky Love

Over the past few months, I’ve found writing and working on my blog an absolute life saver. Getting everything off my chest, all in one place, the good, the bad and sometimes the ugly, is like therapy but without the price tag! Before I started, I’d spent hours searching other well known blogs getting tips, … More My Linky Love

Word of the Week #3

This week we’ve been out and about lots, managed to be productive and even had a lovely quick visit from my sister.  Phoebe is absolutely obsessed with her Aunty Lou Lou and even has her own little special way of saying her name, so cute. We video call her most days, as she lives in … More Word of the Week #3

March Goals Update

Last month I decided to bite the bullet and shared all my monthly (mid) goals, which I normally keep private but hey I’ve got the blogging bug and just can’t help myself. It’s been quite a challenging month with so much going, lots of visitors, a change in the time/weather, chocolate day as it shall … More March Goals Update

Wicked Wednesday #11

Phoebe has always been a super messy, enthusiastic eater. She enjoys her food so much (thankfully) and has recently developed her love for chocolate ( I blame Easter) in any form! So when I saw these little cheeky animal chocolate covered biscuits (Aldi’s own) I knew they would a be the perfect treat for my … More Wicked Wednesday #11