Peppa Pig Birthday Party – Planning 

It’s officially April which means at the end of this month my funny, amazing, little Phoebe will turn 2 years old, I’m still in total shock if I’m honest. To celebrate, we are having a big party with all her friends and family. There is quite a lot that goes into this party planning, so this year I’ve been on it and given myself plenty of time to prep and properly plan. I love a good list and with lots going on I figured make it easy and get it all down, plus this way I get to share.

  • Venue – Belmont Hut

A local, small hall within a children’s park. We had her 1st birthday there, and as it worked so well first time around I thought keep it simple. It has a big kitchen, and two good sized rooms, with all tables and chairs included and a lovely grass area leading into the park. The room off the kitchen will be set up with the buffet and drinks, the other for the children and if the weather is nice possibly a paddling pool/ball pit.

People outside Spring Event 09
Belmont Hut
  • Food & Drink – buffet 

Daddy pig will be organising the food, as he was a chef for a number of years, he’s all over the buffet. Quiches, sandwiches, sausage rolls and all the classic party food, plus some extras for the adults. For the drinks, I won’t be having fizzy pop, maybe some smoothies, juice, some bottled beer for the adults and some well earned fizz for the mummies! This year we have a few of Phoebes friends with allergies, I know how important this is so I’ll be double checking with parents, plus I saw these free printable Peppa Food Flags which will be perfect for the party.

  • Theme & Decorations – Peppa Pig

I know she’s only 2, but she bloody loves that pig and I know all the fun Peppa Pig party decorations will go down a treat. I’ve got a huge Peppa party pack including, a banner, tablecloth, plates, napkins, cups and balloons. Plus this way it means I’ll stick to one theme and try not to get too carried away (she’s says with a Amazon basket full goodies) with myself!

Amazon party pack ordered
  • Cake – Peppa and family 

My step mum and our own Daddy  Pig will be making the cake or rather cakes, together as there is lots of decoration involved. The tray bake base, will be a chocolate “muddy puddles” and then two classic Victoria sponge cakes on top. It’s going to be so gorgeous, I can’t wait to see the finish product and phoebes little face.

Hopefully something like this
  • Fun & Games

As I know 2 year old toddlers need lots of entertainment and activities so I have a few tricks up my sleeve, all peppa themed of course. My favourite I’ve spotted is a big cardboard peppa, with a cutout hole for her mouth saying “feed me” a big basket of food/balls and away they go! I showed Phoebe and she totally got it, so I think that’s a must. Another great idea is mummy pig and daddy pig masks for the adults, but I’m not sure if it would be weird and scary for the kids!?!

Feed me

I’m using a fabulous new online company I found through the power of Twitter for the invites. It means people who I don’t see regularly will be able to RSVP easily, plus you can keep on top of who’s coming using a clever RSVP Tracker. The designs are gorgeous and you can even upload your own image, alter text and create a chat group for all your guests. I can’t wait to finish my design. Emily is also super helpful and has always been on hand to help through the process. (A post all about Envytations coming soon)

  • Party Bags – Peppas House

I’ve seen some free print out designs for the favour/party which is actually Peppas yellow house, so going to give that a try, I meant what could go wrong! Inside I’ve got some peppa stickers, colouring book (possibly when I know numbers) bubbles, peppa biscuit, bouncy ball and I’m find one other silly thing nearer the time, any suggestions?

I’ve been loving Pinterest for the planning, it’s perfect for getting all your ideas on one board. Check out my new board below.

Follow Not Just Phoebe’s board Peppa Pig Party Planning on Pinterest.

What did you do for you’re little ones second birthday? I’d love to hear about it plus any suggestions are always appreciated. Wish me luck, only a few weeks to go.

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32 thoughts on “Peppa Pig Birthday Party – Planning 

    1. I hope it all turns out as planned! Oh I bet he loved it, what did you do for party bags?! Do you think my selection will be okay? Any tips? X


      1. I got a peppa pig piñata from Amazon and peppa pig party bags and the kids pulled the string on the piñata so all the sweets and toys came out and they filled the party bags themselves. It worked well but there were older kids there too. It’s Noah’s birthday tomorrow – a dinosaur party this year!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. That sounds fab! I did see those but I think I’ll save it for when she’s older, I bet the kids loves it. Oh how did the party go? X


    1. It can’t wait to see all the kids faces, she’s seen me working on this post and is constantly shouting “peppa” at the top of her voice #obsessed! Thanks for the comment, fingers crossed it all goes to “plan” X thanks for hosting X


    1. Thanks babe, it’s hard work all the planning but it’s so worth it, can’t wait to see their little faces 🙂 and don’t worry about the nuts, I don’t want you to be on edge and I want Alfie to be able to eat everything there! 🙂


  1. What a party. I love how organised you are. I also used Amazon to pick up loads of party things for the boys. It’s great for themed things, I really like the big cardboard pepper game too. I must try out the envytations Mummy in a tutu reviewed these too and sent me one to open, they look fab, very professional. I like that you can monitor replies. Well done on thinking of allergies too, so important!!! I’m sure it will be an amazing party and look toward to hearing all about it. TY for linking up with #FamilyFun 🌸

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, im trying to be as organised as possible as last year it all happened so quickly! Amazon has been great, and Pinterest too. Im glad the invites look good, it’s something different and takes the leg work out. Sometimes you can’t fit all the info on a little piece of paper and kids loose them! My friend whose child has a nut allergy was so happy that I’d made it a nut free party, it just means everyone can relax and that’s what I what a fun party!! I’ll be following up with the main event 🙂 thanks for hosting X


  2. I love a good themed party, I’m in my element doing all the planning but I have a long way to go til I’m Pinterest ready hehe! xx #picknmix

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It makes it a little more special I think, I also love planning! I’ll be adding my finishes pieces to Pinterest if they turn out ok! Thanks for commenting x


    1. Thanks so much, I hope they all turn out okay. We also have another big surprise but waiting until the party for that one (daddies made peppa pigs car for the kids to sit in! Painting it tonight 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow, I’m suitably impressed by your planning skills!! It all looks like it will be awesome!! I loved the picture of the cake you want, I’ll be even more impressed if you recreate it! My eldest had a Peppa themed party for his second birthday too! But I just got a box full of Peppa things from the Party Pieces website, and a Peppa cake from Tesco…! Apart from that, I didn’t really do much else! The youngest has just turned 2, and he requested a minion theme, so I did the same for him but with minions!! I hope you have a fantastic day, I will look forward to seeing the post all about it! Thanks for sharing with #bigpinklink!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, we are almost there with the props and making stuff, it’s just the cake and party bags to make now! Wish me luck, I will be posting an update soon. Your parties sound fan! We love the minions here aswell 🙂


  4. I love all of your ideas! The feed me peppa would be so fun. And I love the party bag as peppa’s house idea too! Thanks so much for joining us for #bloggerclubuk, hope you will be back again tomorrow! x

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Wow what gorgeously cute ideas 🙂 and that hut sounds like the perfect location! I can;t remember what my boys did for their 2nd birthdays but then they are 10 and almost 12 now eeeek! Thanks for linking up to #PicknMix it opens again tomorrow morning 🙂

    Stevie x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, I hope they all turn out okay! Got a few more bits to do this weekend 🙂 I bet it’s a totally different ball game now they are bigger. I’ll be back tomorrow thanks for reminding me.


  6. I made a Peppa Pig cake for BB’s 3rd birthday. I spent hours making Peppa and a yellow duck out of fondant icing and she took one look and them and popped them in her mouth, whole! They were eaten in two second flat! #justanotherlinky

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sounds lush, all that hard work gone in 2 seconds, pure enjoyment for her 🙂 Well done, mummy! wish me luck on mine or rather daddy pig and nanny jenny. Thanks for reading


    1. I have a week until the party and its still not quite there’ ekkk! Also the peppa house party bags are not as easy as I first thought and has opted for bags instead! Phew save me some time 🙂 thanks for hosting X


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