March Goals Update

Last month I decided to bite the bullet and shared all my monthly (mid) goals, which I normally keep private but hey I’ve got the blogging bug and just can’t help myself.

It’s been quite a challenging month with so much going, lots of visitors, a change in the time/weather, chocolate day as it shall now be known, plus Phoebes having a development leap and on top of all that her molars are starting to come through! Despite all of the above I have actually managed to achieve a few of my set out goals, not all of them I’ll admit but its a good start. So here’s an update.

Chocolate bunny = Happy face


  • [Reach 600 followers on Twitter]

I’ve been working on building my Twitter following by getting involved with more chats and retweeting and my hard work has paid off as I currently have 739 followers from 535!

Follow me on Twitter
  • [3 posts a week + 2 monthly]

This one I found a bit tricker as I still haven’t found my flow with the monthly posts but I have been keeping up with my 3 a week.

  • [List all my favourite weekly linkys for reference and badges]

Link ups have been the best way, so far of getting my blog out there, but I was wasting time (faffing) searching for the badges and all the rules etc. I now have a great weekly list of all my regular link ups to hand, have set reminders, and even have a few in drafts.  Finally getting this area of my blog organised has meant I’m able to actually blog and stop copy and pasting badges.

  • [Follower new bloggers and comment on posts/ retweets]

By linking up and commenting on lots of posts, I’ve stumbled upon some absolute gems! It’s also been so lovely getting nice comments back and I’m really feeling the love. If you take the time to comment and share the love, you defiantly get it back! I just wanted to say a big thanks to the brilliant bloggers who have helped me so far, I really appreciate all your help and advice.


  • [Have a clothes/ bedroom Spring clean]

I wouldn’t say I quote ticked this box yet. I have been steadily sorting through mine and Phoebes clothes, but the bedroom is no where near Spring cleaned. That’s a must for this month.

Can’t find anything!
  • [Plan Phoebes 2nd Birthday Party – Peppa Pig Themed]

Been totally on this one, in fact so far it’s been fun! I’ve even written a new post all about it. Peppa Party Plans

Party pack ordered
  • [Sort & File email backlog properly]

I would say this is half done, all blogging emails and social Media emails/newsletter now have nice neat homes, but I still need a good delete session.

  • [De-clutter laptop]

iPhoto has been a huge annoyance of mine,so this week I managed to go through and get deleting and filing photos, it felt so good and was nice to look through old photos, it did take me longer than expected but worth it. My desktop is cleared, but lappy still needs some TLC, it’s an improvement.

  • [Join body method class X 4]

I love these classes so much but haven’t quite got round to going, mainly as I’ve been so tired from my 6:30am wake up call (Phoebe) then running around after her all day, I’m just done in. I know it’s just lazy and I have every intention in starting again next week.

Phoebe running free

Usborne books

  • [Host online party]

My blogging has kind of taken over my online presence and over the last few week, ive starting to re think my future as an Independent Usborne Organiser. The books can be found much cheaper in shops and I’m finding people don’t have spare cash for lovely books at the moment.

  • [Get 2 party bookings]

I haven’t really pushed this as much because of the reasons above but this is the companies main selling pitch so maybe I’ll consider hosting one at my house after phoebes birthday.

Friends of Exeter Children’s Library 

  • [Plan & advertise our spring members meeting for April]

We have had to postpone the April meeting until the end of the month as numbers were low. Still working of advertising, but lots of interest.

  • [Social media updates]

Over the Easter holidays we’ve been posting all the library events and opening times, but not enough really. Me and Phoebe have been there a lot, even though it’s mega busy it’s a good time to talk to parents about the group.

Library times
  • [Posters in the library]

Still not finished.

Our Ella pouch bin is almost full, so we’ve decided to do a big announcement, whilst going through the process of sorting and sending it off! It’s quite amazing how quickly it’s filled up and we’ve achieved so much for the friends group.

Amazing stats

So there you have it, all my progress so far. I am going to try and finish all my half done goals before making a new list, as I don’t feel like I can move on until I’ve completed them. I always like to spend time reflecting on how I could have done better or just giving myself a high five! If you set yourself monthly goals, like me, do you go back over them, review them and see how they’ve gone? I would love to hear about how people do this, plus any tips are all always appreciated.

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21 thoughts on “March Goals Update

  1. I have a list as long as my arm, things get ticked off at a steady pace though because life takes over. The feeling of ticking them off the list is amazing, but there’s usually one added fairly quickly after (a constant cycle ☺️). I have a lot of tasks that match up to yours, a huge Spring clean is one of them. #KCACOLS Gem x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. A steady pace is good, I often let it all go for a few days as life is too full on, then get back to it! I just try to take one day at a time 🙂 and when I tick one off, such a good feeling, but just like you as soon as ones finished another creeps in its place! Oh it’s a spring clean off!?! everyone seems to need to do this. Thanks for commenting X

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow lots to do. Maybe I should share my husband’s to do list. Apparently the more I nag the less likely it is to happen!! I love a to do list too, my main goal being healthy eating and gyming but also getting the garden looking good and repainting the kitchen. #kcacols

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know it seems so scary getting it all down but it also helped to get them done, if you know what I mean 🙂 good goals I think I need to add them onto my new list, which is getting as long as my arm! Thanks for commenting

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much 🙂 my laptop is working better without so much crap, but I still need to do a bit more as I’ve got canva clogging mine up too, hope the co-hosting it going well X


    1. I know so much going on aswell as keeping a child alive its tiring but I love getting it all done and the feeling of ticking it all off makes it worth it! Hard work but it’s paying off. Thanks for commenting X


  3. You have done pretty well with your goals!! Congratulations on the twitter number!!! You did great!! I need to do some spring cleaning as I have so much clothes (the girls and I ) that need to be sorted!! Love Peppa Pig and it is a hit at home too!! 😉 Thanks so much for sharing this at #KCACOLS. I hope to see to see you again on Sunday!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much. I still haven’t managed all my spring cleaning but I’ve made a start 🙂 peppa is all we talk about because of the party and I’ve managed to hide the box of goodies so far 🙂 I hope it goes well, fingers crossers. Hopefully I’ll be back tomorrow and I tried to do more commenting this week, thanks for hosting X

      Liked by 2 people

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