Word of the Week #3

WOTW2 (1)This week we’ve been out and about lots, managed to be productive and even had a lovely quick visit from my sister. 

Phoebe is absolutely obsessed with her Aunty Lou Lou and even has her own little special way of saying her name, so cute. We video call her most days, as she lives in Ibiza, Spain but having her in person and staying with us was far better. Luckily my sister was around for the extra help, as I found myself unexpectedly looking after a friend’s little boy, which turned into a fun play date for Phoebe, and he was good as gold compared to my fog horn Feebs, in fact in was the quietest bus ride I’ve taken in months!  

Holding hands with Aunty Louuu Louuu
 We had family over for dinner  Monday and then went out the following night, which is where we discovered Phoebes love for “corn on the cobb” it was so funny watching her devour the large yellow veggie!  
Munching away
 I also attempted to bake some cheese scones with Phoebe, turns out she’s really not into “sticky” hands and after a huge tantrum, we cleaned her hands and I finished them solo while the grumpy girl took a nap.  
The flour went well 🙂
 Blogging as played a huge part of my week, it’s been hard finding the time to write with so much going on but I’ve written 2 good posts and kept ontop of my links, plus my Twitter following is slowly going increasing. 

Overall it’s been a non stop week with lots of eventful things happening. I think it sums up my week rather well.

How would you describe you’re week in word? Have a go, it’s tricker than you think. 

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7 thoughts on “Word of the Week #3

    1. It really was a busy and the baking didn’t go too well, but I tried hey, and they taste yummy too! I might do a post with the recipe 🙂 thanks for commenting x


        1. I’ll try and post it today or tomorrow, it’s a really easy recipe I’ve adapted from a Paul Hollywood one! Cheese and chives but I used onions instead 🙂


    1. It was a fun one! Lots of tantrums but I’m getting used to them more now and dealing with them better plus cheese scones always put a smile on faces in my house. Thanks for hosting. PS: there were some links I couldn’t comment on.


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