Wicked Wednesday #12 

Now before you all think I stopped what I was doing and grabbed my phone to snap my stroppy crying toddler, I didn’t it was already in my hand but I wasn’t going to miss that face!

We were attempting to bake some cheese & onion scones (my first time) to start with it was going a little too well… I had prepped all the ingredients and we were ready to get our bake on. Adding the flour was okay then the butter was were it all went wrong….

Phoebe didn’t like the texture of the flour and butter combo on her hands so I quickly wiped them semi clean, but it wasn’t good enough…lots of tears and a cuddle later, we tried again and for about a second she did it. Once we were happy with the mix I took a nice photo…I then moved the bowl of mixture but that sent Phoebe into a mega meltdown…cue the photo below!

Big Temper Tantrum

After I calmed her down, tried to explained we had to add the next part in she still wasn’t happy and she asked for her “du du” and bed, which was fine with. I finished the scones solo while the stroppy Feebs take a well needed nap and try turned out to be quite tasty.

Cheese & Onion Scones

What’s the best food/kitchen related toddler tantrum your little angel has thrown? Let me know, tell me it’s not just me!?


13 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday #12 

  1. Haha what a great photo! The finished scones look yummy! I was making dumplings for our casserole tea yesterday and left some mix for my toddler to play with. It was up the walls, allover the floor and when I refused to put the fluff covered scrap she offered me in the casserole she lost her mind & it was breakdown central!! 😂 Xx

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    1. Thanks I wasn’t sure about the reaction but it just had to be done! Sounds like a messy and the extra ingredients sound lush, why would you not want that in there!

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    1. I know it’s a gem.The scones turned out well for my first time, I think the salty tears helped! I can imagine it’s a handful, good effort for doing it in the first place 🙂


    1. It’s such a good idea at the time, but some an emotional roller coaster for tiny tots! Who know a cheese scone would result it this!’ Haha thanks for hosting babs! See you next week 😉


    1. What’s what the soil eating! She’s just started doing this, then freaks out about it!! Clean hands and start again! Cheers the scones where tasty, the salty tears helped I think.


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