Happy List #1 – If you’re happy and you know it, write a list….

Recently I’ve found myself getting bogged down by the smallest of things! I seem to over analyse situations, get worried about money like most people I’m sure and stress over the mummy guilt more than I’d like. I would say I’m a confident outgoing person, I’ll talk to anyone and often make friends in the lift or get chatting away to another mum while browsing in Boots! However my positivity has been a bit discombobulated (my favourite word) lately and I want to fix that.
I noticed a few Twitter posts with the hashtag #HappyDayslinky and thought that sounds perfect for my positive posts so here goes with my list of what I’m grateful for this week and what’s made me happy.
 I have missed the Linky party hosted by Katy and Sian for this week but hey I’m still just happy!
  • Seeing my beautiful best mate for the first time in 7 months as she’s been on a ski season in Japan
  • Getting my washing out on the line twice this week! You can’t beat, fresh clean bed linen
  • Saying bye bye to the “ladies times” for another month..yippee
  • Having one of my blog posts featured on the wonderful “Whatever The Weather” linky hosted by Jenny & Chole for the second time.
  • Having our back gate finally functional
  • Visiting the beach, for ice creams, a play in the park, fresh air and blue skies and of course the arcades!
  • Capturing some gorgeous photos of Phoebe this week, which I plan to print and frame
  • Meeting up with some mummy mates I haven’t seen in forever, letting the kids run around the park while we tried to catch up
  • Watching Phoebe sit in a chair, not a high chair whilst out having lunch, she’s NEVER sat still and done that!
  • Picking up a bargain bundle of books from a charity shop, 10 books for £2
  • Finding this linky and making a positive change
  • Seeing Phoebe master some new skills and style of play in the park

Do you ever feel a little off track and loosing positivity? How to do bounce back and stay motivated, let me know I’d love to hear about way to help me continue my gratitude.

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14 thoughts on “Happy List #1 – If you’re happy and you know it, write a list….

  1. I think it’s so important to reflect on the things that make us happy, or that which we are grateful. Life can be challenging sometimes but reflecting on all the good stuff helps us to keep the balance eh? Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub chick xx

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    1. Completely agree, I found I was forgetting all the small little details that make me happy and was focusing on the bad stuff or challenging as you stay. I think I will carry on with my weekly happy list and hopefully it makes me change and shift my focus 🙂 thanks for reading


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