Wicked Wednesdays #13

The last few weeks, Phoebe has really started to take more of an interest in the day to day task of cleaning and laundry! Great I hear you saying, that’s so sweet, she’s getting involved, but it’s not all plain sailing.

Yesterday we had a Mexican basket stand off, where she decided the basket was a boat and I wasn’t allowed to put the clean washing in, we managed to do a few rounds of “row row” followed by me sneaking a few items out in between the chorus. We then emptied the machine together but Phoebe wasn’t too happy about the clothes being wet, she kept making funny faces so I couldn’t resist snapping this one!

It’s wet mamma?!?
Does you’re toddler “help” out around this house like my little minx, or are they actually useful? Let me know.

24 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesdays #13

    1. Oh no that a disaster waiting to happen! There is something about nice neatly folded clothes in piles, kids just love it! Thanks for reading X


    1. I know it’s like a magnet for kids, she’s obsessed and doesn’t like the washing actually going in! I can’t wait to show her these when she’s older and like you say they won’t wanna know then😊

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    1. Thanks! I couldn’t help must take a photo, and yes it’s very spare of the moment thing, and will get annoyed if I do it without her! I’m sure he’ll show some interest soon, they can’t help…watching the washing machine do it’s finally big spin was phoebes favourite things at about 11 months, at least it allowed me 13 minutes of peace..but not quiet as we also got the whizz and wheee soundtrack too! Thanks for reading 🙂

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    1. Address? I’ll pick her up the next day! We haven’t done ironing as I literally do none! We didn’t even have an iron for a while, she’s never seen me with one so when she got a toy one for Christmas she didn’t know what to do with it and thought it was a phone! Had it up against her ear, not ideal I suppose. Thanks for reading X

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  1. Oh bless her little face! Kinley has started ‘helping’ me with the washing recently, he is usually pretty good, until I found 2 sets of dirty pj’s on the radiator on top of my clean washing! haha xx

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    1. They love getting involved but it does mean you get the odd surprise, how long were the pj’s there? I found a pair of phoebes Jean screwed up and thrown into a drawer the other day, they bloody stank, all damp and stinky…thanks Phoebe!


    1. She’s always loved the basket and it’s really cute for about 3 minutes then I’m right I really need to use it…cue tears and then distraction with the task of taking the clothes out. Fingers crossed she carries on !


    1. Thanks babe, people are always saying that! I’ll see you next week, have got some great wicked Wednesday shots from plenty of weekend sandy tantrums 🙂 X


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