Wicked Wednesday’s #14

It’s been quite a busy week, with lots of final birthday party prep for Phoebes 2nd birthday, celebrating Daddy’s pigs birthday with a weekend away to Bude, Cornwall and generally dealing with a teething toddler who wants to bite everything, including sand! 

It’s been harder snapping photos this week, as Phoebe is so much more aware of my phone and once it’s out all she wants to do is, call nanna or play her precious pepper pig colouring app (it’s incase of emergencies) so my opportunities have been limited. 

Of course a trip to bude wouldn’t be complete without a play on the beach. I think Phoebe actually managed to play for around 15 minutes (this has got to be a personal best!) without eating any sand or attempting to chew on rocks, but it eventually happened and as you can imagine the sand removal wasn’t as easy task, her face says it all! 

Sandy mouth

Does your child eat as much sand as Phoebe or do they enjoy other weird beach habits!? Tell me I’m not alone…

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8 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday’s #14

  1. Maybe now she will remember sand is horrible to eat and won’t do it again?! Noah has a strange habit of telling anyone who will listen that when he was a baby he used to eat sand. He may well have done but it isn’t something that stuck in my mind! #wickedwednesday

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    1. It just gets absolutely everywhere, it’s a nightmare. She wore some shoes she hasn’t had one for a while the other day and she came in and threw them at me…resulting in a face full on sand 😦 what we do for our kids eh! Thanks for reading 🙂


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