Wicked Wednesday’s #15

It’s time for another link up with the brummymummyof2 and the name of the game is to show a nice normal grumpy/ wicked side of our angelic children. On Saturday 30th April my little Phoebe turned 2, so I decided to share 2 photos this week, as I couldn’t decide and they are both crackers.

The first photo was on the morning of her birthday, I suddenly realised it was rather quiet so (normally it means the minx is up to no good) I checked the other room, and found her like this…. trying out her new Dolls Pram!
Nice and comfy 
The next photo was attempting to get Phoebe to wear a pretty flower band for her party, she wasn’t very impressed by it at all, but at least I tried!
It didn’t last long but looked gorgeous.
Do you ever find your own children trying out the play toys that are obviously too small for them ?!? tell me you’re stories I’d love to hear about them.

20 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday’s #15

  1. Fab pics, Georgina! I could never get my youngest to keep hairbands OR hairgrips in her hair. I can’t tell you how hard it was to try and grow out her fringe…There was a completely unruly messy stage where I often gave up and had her fringe cut again! #wickedwednesdays

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    1. I coils the believe it, she had managed to get in without hurting self!! And she seemed very pleased with herself 🙂 it wasn’t as pain free the next time and she ended up head butting not the frame!! I hope you have no injures! Thanks for commenting


    1. She was so chuffed, she didn’t want to get out! A few hours later she attempted it again and feel and banged her head on the bar, and hasn’t done it again since! Thanks for reading X


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