Wicked Wednesday’s #16

Over the last few weeks my little minx’s temper tantrums have been coming thick and fast. We still have all the normal textbook tantrums over sitting in the high chair when trying to eat out and not wanting to go in the buggy, but what we are now seeing now is more of a performance than just a little whinge.

Phoebe doesn’t give up easily and after almost 2 hours of playing in the garden with buckets of water, being thrown everywhere I told Phoebe it was the last one and she needed some nap-time. As you can imagine this didn’t go down too well and she proceeded to throw maybe her all time best tanty! Her little bottom lip going, arms flapping everywhere and the most disturbing growl like cry, we wiped off the salty tears, hugged it out, had an outfit/nappy change and once the du du was in, she was gone…almost a 2 hour nap.

What was you’re child funniest temper tantrum this week or even yours? Let me know by commenting below.

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19 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday’s #16

    1. Yeah we got them about that age, and it was like it came out of nowhere. Read my Toddler V Parent post from back last September! Will make you giggle! Phoebe just got angry and would hit and bite…luckily that only comes back when she’s teething! Good luck and just ignore them where possible and try not to laugh X


  1. Oh the fun of having a toddler! I don’t want to curse it, but have managed to get away without too many major tantrums from my 2 year old so far. She is very stubborn though, so you do get the odd meltdown when she can’t get her own way! x #WickedWednesdays

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    1. It’s been a testing week so have plenty of photos to choose from, oh I was going to ask, can I upload a video? It’s only 7 seconds but it’s most epic tanty yet…the noise of the child!!! Thanks for hosting X


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