Happy List #3 – Little Happy Things 

Each week I’ve been keeping a lovely list of all the things I’m grateful and happy for. It’s given me back some confidence and made me realise I should  appreciate all the little things. This quote, sums it up perfectly. I really want to get this printed to display in our home as a daily reminder.

What’s made me happy this week

  • Reaching 1,000 followers on Twitter, I even did a big whoop and jump for joy
  • Attending one of Phoebes friends 2nd birthday party. A lovely day spent at their gorgeous home, in the garden with all the children playing pretty well at water table, chalking, dancing and of course a fabulous cake and cute Miffy party bags to seal the deal and ensure they all get it the strollers to go home.
  • The sunshine on Saturday, meant we could enjoy the garden all day,play with more water, then a picnic style lunch and a good 2 hour nap by a tired Phoebe.
Summer Fun
  • Hearing Phoebe copy daddy by saying “whoooaaa” when she almost feel off our bed when playing about. It was so clear, made my day!
  • Going for a day trip to our local beach, Exmouth in Nanny & Grandad’s (JD) camper van. Phoebe loved the journey, exploring the van and most importantly some sandy beach fun with the added bonus of a “lollol” at the end.
Beach times
  • Exploring the Museum with a friend and her little monkey, who I haven’t seen for ages. Phoebe & Monkey enjoyed their play date, getting up to mischief together. We then had lunch followed by letting the toddlers roam around the local gardens, hugging trees and giggling with each other, a beautiful friendship.
Museum adventures
  • Watching Phoebe master new skills in the soft play world. A bit like me she doesn’t like things digging into her feet/toes so hates the rope/net climbing things..but this week she braved it and even though she had to rearrange her socks and shout “tooeess” whilst climbing did it and I could tell she was pleased with herself plus it helped that her play-date buddy was all over it climbing like a pro, I think this encouraged her more.
  • Winning a £20 Organix, Goodies food bundle through a competition via Twitter with Happy Mummy / @HappyMummyBlogs. Thanks Maria 🙂
  • Finally putting up Phoebes picnic table/bench that she very kindly got for her birthday of her Nanny in Bude. It’s gorgeous and we’ve only had one fall, so far.
  • Daddy pig buying me a pretty bouquet of flowers, after an extremely busy and testing day, which makes me happy every time I notice them.
  • Having the radio on in the background and listening to some classic tunes and some new favourites. Paul Simons new song is being played loads, it’s fab!
Flowers and benches

So, there you have my weekly round up of gratitude and love. Despite the weather being a bit wet and muggy we haven’t let it dampen our spirits and have just tried to get out regardless, even if this has meant packing for all weathers and having to shed layers as we go.

It’s been a very busy week with lots of socialising for both me and Phoebe, filled with making the most of all the adventures along the way. My one word to describe this week would definitely be….


Let me know how you embrace those happy moments, do you like a little list like me? Or what would your word of the week be, one word only.

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32 thoughts on “Happy List #3 – Little Happy Things 

    1. Thanks, it’s one of my favourite but I always make up my own version along the way so it’s nice to have it attached to my blog! It’s been a good but testing week so far, hope you’ve had a good one X


  1. Sounds like a lovely lot of happy things. My daughter says woahhh too and she has so copied that from me! I bet having the flowers bought for you was such a treat – they brighten up the room. Love the giraffe pics!! Well done on the Twitter milestone too!! xx #justanotherlinky

    Liked by 1 person

    1. What lovely comments, thanks 🙂 the wooaahhh was really funny but she has only done it once since but i love how they try and copy everything and even the tone of voice, she also copies me shouting daddy’s pig name, in the exact same pitch…makes me giggle! The flowers are lush and even though i suffer with bad hay fever and they make me sneeze a little I still love them. The Twitter was a welcome surprise and I’m loving getting myself out there 🙂 thanks for reading X


  2. Sounds like a lovely week. Loved the “Whooaa” it’s so cute when kids copy their parents 🙂 Congrats on 1000 followers! I completely agree with your quote too #candidcuddles

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Play really is so important. Kids learn so much through play. It sounds like you had such a fun week! I love that quote & totally agree with it. When you look back those little things really are what count! Thanks so much for sharing with #candidcuddles xx

    Liked by 1 person

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