Wicked Wednesday’s #17 

I always love Wednesday mornings, as it means I get to giggle my way through all my favourite bloggers funny photo of the week over at the #Wickedwednesdays link up hosted by Em, brummymummyof2. It also means I get to share a my photo of Phoebe causing mischief and mayhem!

This week photo is from a recent beach trip, where she’s safely in her stroller enjoying her ice cream, even though she was strapped in it didn’t stop her being wicked.

Phoebe has always sat in the most unladylike way whilst in her buggy/strollers, with her legs akimbo…and this day was no different. When trying to capture a lovely photo of her by the sea, the minx decided to stick her tongue out and impersonate a seal blowing a raspberry, good job babe!
Look mum I’m a seal
What’s your little one been up to this week? Causing mischief, while trying to snap that perfect photo?! Let me know, I always love to hear I’m not alone.

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