Happy List #4 – You make me Happy when Skies are Grey


Each week I’ve been keeping a little Happy List and have been enjoying finding new ways to choose the titles for the blog posts. As it’s happy themed I have gone with music or famous quotes with the word “Happy” in, it’s become a nice weekly game for myself, I’ve been looking forward to using this weeks title for some time, hope you like it.

Last week was all about “playing” with friends, exploring new areas and being out in the sunshine, this weeks it’s been a very different story, still fun and full of happy adventures but less socialising, weird weather and lots more time at home.

We were off to a flying start on Saturday as DP wasn’t working, it was great to have him home so we could start our big cleaning/sorting and actually tick a few tasks off the list, which is never ending list I should add, cut a long story short….Sunday Phoebe threw up and got a bug, (How to Survive: A Sickness Bug) which me and DP both ended up getting! I’ve somehow stayed happy through it all and luckily have been able to see the funny side of the whole thing, plus it’s been great material to write about.

What’s made me Happy this week

  • Catching a local train to the beach for a play date with a friend and her little boy. So much fun letting the kids get wet in the splash park, followed by ice creams, sandy toes and a big nap from Phoebe on the way home.
  • Cleaning our car, which had gotten so bad. It feels so fresh now and looks likes like new (ish) car. Phoebe also loved her DIY Soft Boot Play, we made by throwing all her balls into the boot, once it was cleaned of course.
  • Getting some much needed weeding done in our front garden. It was also lovely watching Phoebe “helping” our but she got frustrated with the stubborn ones, a bit like me.
  • Having a lazy Sunday sleep in, while DP tackled breakfast and morning duties with the munch.
I love the Splash Park photo
  • Snuggles on the sofa. Even though we were all poorly and felt awful it was still nice to be just at home in our pjs all day watching kids TV and the occasional film.
  • Once Phoebe was feeling better, she really wanted to go to the beach so made herself quite known and I really wanted to cheer her up by seeing the sea and having a play on the sand. It went down really well and meant she had a cheeky power nap on the way home, more rest the better when kids are poorly I say.
  • Having Daddy Pig at home for the extra day, when I really needed him for support, as parenting while throwing up in hard work.
Early evening beach & tea parties
  • Spending quality time with Phoebe, playing. Sounds silly but the pretend role play is something I’ve really been looking forward to. Phoebe loves setting up tea parties with her peppa toys,very cute.
  • Feeling a little trimmer after the nasty tummy bug, I suppose not eating for a few days will do that to you. I’m making up for it though.
  •  Receiving lots of lovely new clothes for Phoebe from Nanny J. Who can’t help herself, this toddler officially has more (and nicer) clothes than me!
  • Hitting 500 followers on Instagram. As a newbie on this, I’m quite proud of my little squares and last month I only had 300, so a big jump.
  • Being back on track (in all areas) after the nasty bug episode and deep cleaning the shit out of our house, still feeling achy I managed to do all floors, bathroom & downstairs loo plus crack on with mountains of washing and get a few bits on the line to dry!
Getting the washing on the line to dry…such happiness 🙂

Its been a week filled with ups and downs but somehow me and DP have managed to balance it all, just about, even though at times it felt like we were close to the edge. It’s great when a partnership works well and that’s what it’s felt like this week. Together we have trucked on through, survived a bug and come out the other side smiling. My one word to sum up this week would be…..


What’s made you happy this week? If you could describe you week with just one word, what would your’s be?

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21 thoughts on “Happy List #4 – You make me Happy when Skies are Grey

  1. Definitely a lot of reasons to be happy and a busy one too! Playing in the seaside is wonderful, how I wish we have a beach nearby coz my kids love playing in the sand too. Well done to you, having 500 followers in Instagram is amazing, I’m still stuck at around 300 at the moment. Lovely post! #justanotherlinky

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww thanks so much! Being so close to the sea and sand is pretty cool, and it’s how I had my childhood so I’m very pleased Phoebe is getting the same! The Instagram was hard as my name as all different to my blog, so changing that helped increase my numbers I think. Also using the discover tab, helped. We did a lot this week and I’m pleased it’s the weekend 🙂 thanks for reading X


    1. Oh yes the car was such a big tick, super satisfying indeed. I really tried to make those little happy moment count, as I felt so pants all week 😦 we do live on the doorstep to some gorgeous beaches and coastlines 🙂 and a train journey is always fun and challenging eh’ thanks for reading X


    1. Yes, I always try to find the balance as it keeps me going during those horrendous nappy changes (had one today) knowing when we finish something fun will happen 🙂 the happy title game, has been fun but I need one for this week… Thanks for hosting and having me again X


  2. Such a lovely, positive idea for a post and great to keep a record too. How fab that you managed a Sunday lie-in! I had one of those this week and it felt like the ultimate luxury! Sorry to hear that you have been unwell though, that sucks! Hope you are all feeling much better now? Hitting 500 followers on IG is a big achievement – it feels like one of the harder social media sites to grow doesn’t it? I will go over and follow you now – have a look out for me! Thanks for sharing with us on #fortheloveofBLOG X

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, it was a good week and it’s so nice to have a little happy collection coming together. The sickness bug was awful but we got through it so hopefully that’s it for a while. The milestone moment on IG was really lovely and it’s on the up! I will try and link back when my laptop is in working order, blogging from my phone is hard work. Thank for reading X

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