#DenDay with Save the Children UK

Last month during a late night Twitter session, I discovered a fantastic fundraising event called #denday that Save the Children UK are organising and knew I just had to get involved. After becoming a parent I now view the world with different eyes and strongly believe that every child’s life is precious. No child should ever have to suffer or loose their home after being caught up horrific conflicts in their countries or when natural disasters strike, so it’s always wonderful to see charities helping to shelter, feed and educate these children who need us, by getting our own children involved. We get to create fun and exciting den’s in our homes or schools, host den parties, even have a sleepover in the dens get sponsored and raise money to make sure those children who are effected, also have a nice cosy bed they can snuggle into at night. It breaks my heart thinking of those poor children and more so at night as I’m tucking in my gorgeous girl, all cosy after her bath, bedtime story and cuddles.

I signed us up on the spot, which was very quick and easy to do. We received our pack within 1o days, it arrived in a big cardboard folder labeled “Den Builder’s Kit”.

Our Den Building Pack

The kit is full of exciting ideas for grown ups and kids including some cut out bunting to use in our den, a flag to somehow add to the top and some very useful stats about how the money we raise well be spent helping those families in need.

We are hoping to raise at least £33

My personal favourite is the lovely keepsake for the children, their own little booklet “Den Day Adventures” where they can write their name, how much they raised and easy information about who they are helping along with a handy a checklist. I knew Peppa Pig was jumping on board and helping out with #denday but it was a lovely surprise to find a Peppa colouring in page and a maze for the children to enjoy inside the booklet. I haven’t let Phoebe see the pack yet, as she is still a little young to understand the whole situation but I know she will love making (wrecking) her Den and I feel as a mum I should try and help in any way that I can.

The Den Day Adventures Booklet

After signing up I wondered if I could do more to help, then remember that my blogging buddies might be interested in joining us. The lovely Maria who writes the Happy Mummy blog was happy to be part of the team and will be taking part by creating her own Den at home and together with our toddlers, we hope to raise lots of money for a worthy cause close to both our hearts. We will be featuring and co writing on each other blogs, so follow our journey and help us raise awareness and get the message out there!

If you are thinking of taking part it’s not too late to join our team or register your own family. Have a read below for more details, lots of links to the site and how to join. If you have any questions or would like to join our team please get in touch by leaving a comment or mine or Maria Twitter account or any Den Day post, the more the merrier!



Take part in Save the Children’s Den Day between 17th and 18th June and your children get to unleash their creativity by making their own magical hiding place out of everyday household materials.

And here’s the best bit – by raising money for Save the Children, they’ll be helping us transform life for children in some of the world’s toughest countries.

It’s easy to get involved – either:

  • sign up your school, nursery or youth group for some fundraising fun on Friday 17 June, build dens together and get everyone who takes part to donate £2
  • or take part at home on Saturday 18 June and help your children get sponsored to spend the night in their den to help build a better world for children.

Don’t worry if you can’t manage either of these dates – just organise your Den Day on a date that works for you.

We’ll even send you a special Den Day kit that’s tailored to your children’s age group, full of everything you and your children need to start their den adventure.

Don’t forget to take some photos and post them on social media using the hashtag #denday so that everyone can see how you’re getting on!

DenDay - kidsoutside

*How it works

Families will be joining in the fun at home on Saturday 18 June. By helping your children get sponsored to build and stay overnight in their den creations, you’ll also be helping Save the Children transform lives.

Meanwhile, schools, nurseries and youth groups will be adding a little magic to a normal day on Friday 17 June. Will you be joining them?

Build special shelters and collect £2 donations from everyone who takes part. The money raised could help children in some of the world’s toughest countries, who might not have somewhere safe to sleep tonight.

Schools can also take part in fundraising

Nadir’s story

Nadir*, 11, is a refugee. He fled Afghanistan with his family.

“I am travelling with my two sisters and my parents,” he says.

“My mother is sick and in our country she could not be cured. The most important thing was to bring medicine for my mother, so we could not bring more luggage.

After travelling across land to Turkey, they paid smugglers to take them to Greece by boat.

“We did the trip at night with other Afghans,” Nadir says. “It was cold and the water came up to my knees. My lifejacket was fake.

“We want to get to Germany, I would like to work as a dentist and help my family.”


Build a better world with Save the Children UK Video

F&Qs about Den Day

DenDay Pinterest Board – Save the Children UK

*All text taken from Save the children UK Website.

I know this is all very hard hitting and I’m sure like me you been affected even haunted by those horrific scenes on the beaches a few months back and reading stories like Nadir’s makes it seem all that more real. We all donated clothes, shoes nappies and tried to help as much as we could to this horrible crisis that just isn’t going away, its getting worse, but by signing up and making a den for the day we can continue to help them, by getting material for proper shelters to house these families and raise money to start a local children’s book club, helping them learn to read, it may sound so simple to us but these things can transform and change lives.

Me and Maria will be posting up our donation page very soon as well as lots of ways in which you can also get involved and fundraise from work, school or even just with friends. If you are already signed up but would still like to get involved please get in touch and we can share and spread all your den day photos and add your links and donation pages to our blogs. Thanks in advance for all your help and support.

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16 thoughts on “#DenDay with Save the Children UK

  1. What a wonderful idea, I’m definitely going to check it out and donate. My friend volunteered in the camps at Calais and she was surprised by the number of children on their own, no one ever mentions them when it’s reported on the news. #marvmondays

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much, my sponsor page should be up later tonight with a new post about our theme out den ideas. How lovely about your friend, we need more people in the world like her, it’s a worrying thought all those scared children all alone with no where to sleep, what will happen to them!? Thanks for reading and your support x


  2. This is the first that I had heard of this but I think it’s a fantastic idea and such a worthwhile cause. Nadir’s story is so poignant and it’s terrible to think that there are so many children with a similar and in some case far more harrowing story to tell. I’ll definitely read up more on this. Thank for for sharing and good luck with your Den Day!
    #marvmondays x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, it hasn’t been that well advertised but hopefully it should be more soon 🙂 a few bloggers are getting on board so fingers crossed we raise lots of money for these children who need us. Thanks for reading and your support. Our sponsorship page should be online later tonight aswell as some ideas for our den day 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Such a fab idea and informative post. Thanks for sharing, I really had no idea. You’re right, every child should have a chance. Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Kaye xo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much, it was quite a hard post to write. I wanted to make sure I included everything so lovely to hear 😉 it’s was also a very emotional post to write and I did have a little cry reading all the stories and again when I picked my daughter up from her bed in the morning, it’s just heartbreaking X thanks for reading and your support, I hope to have out sponsorship page ready later tonight and our theme ideas for the den X


  4. We have just received our pack – too excited for Den Day! DD1 thinks she’s sleeping in the woods in it – yeah good luck with that child!. Have fun den building & raising much needed cash!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh brilliant, it’s such a good cause and fun way to raise the money! Phoebe doesn’t really know yet, just going to surprise her on the day! Boom den day! Good luck, send me any links and I’ll add them into my post! Thanks for reading and letting me know 🙂


    1. Thanks so much, I really thought what a lovely idea and can’t wait to get building. If you do decide to build one and get involved, let me know as i’ll be doing a big round up of any bloggers who want to take part?! thanks again and good luck G x


    1. Thanks so much, it’s something we really can’t wait to get involved with and Phoebe is loving the practising, fabric, boxes, pegs and then a fun den at the end…what more could you want as a child. Thanks for reading X


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