Magic of Love

I would like to consider myself as quite a positive outgoing person, I always try to see the best in every situation. I use different ways to stay happy and present in my everyday life from meditation, positive affirmations to Gratitude lists, yoga and overall love making people laugh and smile. However with all the horrific and terrible news that’s been making the headlines over the last few weeks, I’ve found this much harder to do and found myself lost in thought, wondering what has happened to the wonderful world we live in.

Upon hearing the awful news of Jo Cox’s murder, I cried, well I sobbed just letting the tears run down my face. I didn’t know this amazing women but finding out she was a mother made my heart break, those poor children have lost their mummy and as a mother myself, it seems to hurt that little bit more. I know they will be loved unconditionally by their daddy and family members and their strong family will continue to spread their mothers message of Love but it still hurts.This has really effected me, it’s shaken me up and made me realise that life is so precious. We need to embrace it, enjoy all the small moments in life, even if that means reading your child’s favourite book for the 10th time that hour, read it like it’s your first time because we never know what life may throw at us. Love is everywhere despite all the bad that happens around us and I need to remember that.

I’ve wanted to write down how I’ve been feeling for a few days but finding the right words has been hard. I can’t ignore what’s going on but still need to stay happy and be present. This afternoon I suddenly remembered the perfect poem to sum up how magical love really is. I read this during my best friends wedding a few years ago on a sunny beach in Crete, so it always brings back happy loving thoughts, enjoy.

Magic Of Love – Helen Steiner Rice

Love is like magic

And it always will be.

For love still remains

Life’s sweet mystery!


Love works in ways

That are wondrous and strange

And there’s nothing in life

That love cannot change.


Love can transform

The most commonplace

Into beauty and splendor

And sweetness and grace.


Love is unselfish,

Understanding and kind,

For it sees with its heart

And not with its mind.


Love is the answer

That everyone seeks…

Love is the language,

That every heart speaks.


Love can’t be bought,

It is priceless and free,

Love, like pure magic,

Is life’s sweet mystery!

Do you have a favourite quote or poem that helps you get through those down days? Please share, I always love to hear happy positive words. I also want to add that my love and thoughts are with Jo’s family and friends at this awful sad time. x R.I.P x

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6 thoughts on “Magic of Love

  1. I think that if we all keep continuing to live by example, sharing positivity and love everywhere we go, we will make a difference. It may seem as if we’re helpless in a world this size with so much going on, but every little helps. There is definitely more good in the world than bad. Have faith. 🙂
    A lovely piece. Xx

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