Wicked Wednesday #20

Every Wednesday I’ve been taking part in a fabulous blog linky with Em, the brummymummyof2 and this week is my 20th Wicked Wednesday post, time fly when your having fun.

So wicked Wednesday is a chance to share those not so Instagram picture perfect photos, it’s real life and I love it! It’s so refreshing to see nice normal photos of families and their children up to mischief or causing a scene because you know what, it’s all part if parenting and we should embrace every crazy part of it and just go with the flow, even when we’ve put our children shoes on the wrong feet!

This weeks photo is taken after Phoebes second swimming lesson, which went much better than the first I must add. The lesson was obviously very tiring as Phoebe fell asleep in the buggy half way home. This rarely happens, so I was quite shocked and had to get photo evenidende.

Totally wiped out!

I quickly took the photo and it was only when looking at it, I realised I had put her shoes on the wrong feet, oops! I personally have issues with left and right (don’t judge) but up until this point have never got it with mixed up for Phoebe, what a plonker!

Have you ever done something like this or is it just me!? Let me know or any other funny clothes stories, tell me I’m not alone.

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