Wicked Wednesday #21

Welcome to another Wicked Wednesday. This week Phoebe has been trying out a new game that mixes “hide and seek” and dressing up all at the same time, which I’ve dubbed “Dress n seek”.

So, her bath was run and once again we began the nightly naked struggle of getting her the dancers (stairs) I walked back into the room, called her name but actually couldn’t see her for a minute, then I noticed Daddy Pig’s high vis jacket was (which was hung over the back of the chair) starting to move….I quickly realised where she was, very well hidden. I played along until she did her best attempt to scare me as I walked past and shout “GOT YA” at the same time.

It’s funny moments like these that make me love having a little crazy toddler and after my initial gigging fit and of course snapping a few photos I was in fact quite proud of my little minx for thinking outside the box. What will she think of next?

What mischief do you’re children get up to before bath and bed time? Why is it such a struggle to get them in the bath, then when they are in, they LOVE IT! For more Wicked Wednesdays photos click the link below and if you like what you see, tell me.

Linked with the fabulous Brummymummyof2



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