Happy List #6 – Happy Together 

I recently took a mini blogging break to get a few things in order, one of them being my blog itself. I took the time during my break to create a manageable blogging routine, which has given me a fanatic focus and helped me organise and plan my posts better. One of those more organised areas is my Happy List. I love writing lists and more importantly happy lists, so I’ve decided to make it a regular feature every week.

This weeks Happy title is inspired by Phoebes current obsession with the Minions. The dvd has basically been on repeat since Phoebe watched it for the first time, she can’t get enough of those crazy yellow little guys! It does make me laugh but my favourite part has got to be the fabulous 60’s soundtrack I can’t help but sing along to and in particular the “happy together” song from the intro by the Turtles.

What’s made my Happy List this week:

  • Chatterbox. Hearing Phoebe chatting away is such a delight. In the last 2 weeks her speech has come on leaps and bounds, problem is she now doesn’t stop!!! From the minute she wakes up she’s talking, coping and I love it.
  • Baby Shower. Hosting my friend’s surprise baby shower was a joy. Having to keep it a secret was quite exciting (hard not to Instagram the planning) and seeing her face in total shock was priceless. I didn’t do it all alone, I had some fantastic help on the day plus one friend made a show stopper pregnant lady cake to add to the spread. Overall it was a lovely day and we showered the mamma to be with gifts, love and some games for giggles of course.

  • Break. My mini blogging break came at the perfect time, as it meant I could really get into the baby shower planning without feeling guilty about not blogging. As much as I love blogging, I also now know when I need to listen to my soul and do what makes me happy, like just painting my nails or reading a book. It’s given me my blogging mojo back and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve been using my paperchase Bloggers Journal all the time, which is helping and so easy to use, my best buy for a long time.
  • Review opportunities. During my blogging break I was still present on social media and concentrated on connecting with local businesses/bloggers and I found some great companies right on my door step. I’ve since been in touch with some of them and drum roll please, I’ve secured 2 product reviews with a third in the pipe line. News on those coming soon.


  • Adventurer. Watching my minx in the park has always been some what of a love/hate relationship due to her having no fear but recently I’ve been stunned at how well her climbing has come along, she’s reaching new heights. Phoebe also enjoyed all the rides and attractions at the Milky Way Adventure park, our little dare devil went on her first rollercoaster and loved it thankfully.
  • Play Days. Nothing makes me happier than seeing toddlers playing well together, laughing and having fun. Being a bit of a home girl, I tend to invite people over to ours for playdays. We have a lovely garden which the kids love to explore and a big splash park around the corner if we need to escape. This week we had some of Phoebe’s friends over to play, which made her so happy so in turn it makes me happy.

  • Beach. Phoebe’s fairy godmother has been busy working away so we’ve hardly seen over the last month but one day last week she came and picked us up and we drove to a local beach for some delicious lunch followed by ice creams and a run around on the beach. Phoebe was amazed by all the shells, so for the next 30 minutes she walked, ran and jumped in order to find and collect shells, stones and even a few random twigs. This really got to me and felt quite special as it made me think back to my own childhood and how I did the same thing, on that very beach.

  • Family Days. Spending time together as a family is so important, so this weekend we met up with Daddy Pigs family for his nieces 4th birthday party, which happened to be at “The Milky Way Adventure Park” so we literally threw ourselves into family fun, embraced the sweaty mess of soft play and the danced along to the loud tunes playing whilst we whizzed around on the dodgems. My favourite part was the kangaroo jumper, basically a giant inflatable pillow to jump about on. A smaller ones for under 5’s and then a larger one for bigger kids, by bigger kids I mean the adults, they were all at it, so much fun!

As you can see its been a fun week with lots of playing and big development leaps from Phoebe, I didn’t mention but she’s also had a growth spurt. Her feet width has grown, her height and also her torso seems longer, do they ever stop growing? What happy things did you get up to this week? let me know I always love reading the comments you leave.

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16 thoughts on “Happy List #6 – Happy Together 

    1. It’s such a lovely experience writing my happy list and I’m pleased you caught the happy vibe!! Sounds like you guys have had fun week, and it’s been the weather for it!! Thanks for mentioning my photos, I’m trying to work on my presentation so that’s made me smile 🙂 thanks for stopping by X have a good week X

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  1. Ah this is a happy post! I bet the blogging break was lovely. I always have one on holidays but still love my social media. The baby shower piccys look amazing. What a spread! Family and friends time is always the best and in this weather – even better! Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Sarah, it was a well needed blog break that has totally given me a little kick up the bum and made me enjoy it again and I’m using my time more efficiently. The baby shower was perfect and the mamma to be really enjoyed herself and that’s the aim of the game! The food went down well thanks to daddy pig skills! Thanks for stopping by X


  2. Some lovely pics! The kids finish school today so I’ve been frantically getting posts ready to schedule while we are off on holiday- I’m going to have a blogging break then! I think it’s important to ‘re-group’ and have a proper break, spend quality time with the kids etc. I shall probably still do a bit of commenting and sharing though, from beside the pool!! #addict xx #ablogginggoodtime

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    1. That’s a really good idea and I’m sure it helps keep the balance between home and blogging! What do you use!? For a previous job we used “hoot suite” is that still around or is there a better one? Where are you going? We are off to Ibiza in September so I really wanna get a few things in place for those 2 weeks!! Have a lovely time and thanks for commenting X


    1. Thanks so much, the journal has been great and every Sunday I’ve been sitting down and planning my week (in advance) which has helped me focus and given me more time with the family X. 2 hours in the morning then a few more in the evening has been working great X

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  3. I love a happy post and I love that you took some time for yourself to get a clear head and routine! it is important to get things in the right proportion for you and your family. Looks like you have been having lots of fun in the sun and FYI… i LOVE your blogger journal xx

    Thanks for linking to #ablogginggoodtime

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love writing them, and so glad I’ve got a happy balance now with blog and home life. Still a little behind with my posts but hey it’s all progress! The journal has been a big help, thanks for reading and of course hosting X


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