Happy List #7 – Sunday, Monday Happy Days

Another week has whizzed on by and I’m putting it down to the lovely hot weather we’ve been having. I’m not complaining at all, it’s meant so much outdoor fun and it might sound weird, but just being able open the back doors at home has felt like we’ve suddenly got an extra room plus it’s given Phoebe lots of new little areas to play in.

Last week was definitely fun in the sun thanks to the heat wave and we just enjoyed being in the garden everyday, that’s why I’ve chosen “Sunday Monday Happy Days” as this weeks title for my happy list, as you can’t help but sing the theme tune while thinking of the Fonz!

  • Heat wave. Sunshine always makes me happy and last week I felt absolutely blessed with the gorgeous weather. Our garden is a proper sun trap, so me and the little lady set up the paddling pool, played plenty of garden games and cooled down with odd ice lolly.


  • Frappuccino. Nothing makes me happier than sipping on an ice-cold coffee on a hot day, so during the heat wave I made sure the fridge was fully stocked. Heaven.


  • Play. Phoebe has been playing so well at the moment and her imagination is really starting to develop. It’s so amazing to watch her getting into independent play. Her play doctors set has been out a lot this week, she loves checking us all over, makes sure were all “alrite” so funny and sometimes a painful process.

  • Boolino Friends. I’m very happy and proud to announce I’m now an official “Boolino Friend” which means me and Phoebe will be reviewing fabulous books from their website. We received our first  book a few days ago, it’s a fantastic story with beautiful illustrations and Phoebe has been enjoying her new bedtime story. Review coming soon.

  • Routine. At the start of the month I made myself a little blogging timetable and I’m happy to say, it’s been working. I’ve felt more productive, enjoyed blogging and by giving myself manageable goals each week I’m finding I’m actually achieving them, one of them being getting a photo on my sidebar, tick.

  • Deep Clean. I’m not a clean freak obviously having a toddler but I do like to keep on top of housework so over the weekend by mum had Phoebe for a few hours, she had  dinner at nana’s and had a blast while me and daddy pig gave the house a proper deep clean. Cleaning without Phoebe running around was quite enjoyable and having a nice clean house makes me happy, sad but true.


  • Followers. This week I hit a huge 1,500 followers on Twitter, which to me is a massive achievement. I’ve also reached over 750 on my Instagram account, slowly getting there with that one.

  • Swimming. This week was the first week Phoebe didn’t injury me during her swimming lesson. With her disk arm floats on she was off and swam so well. Still plenty on water drinking but she’s improving week by week and is less frantic! It’s made me so happy seeing her learning, hopefully by September (holiday) Phoebe will almost be there.


  • Minion. Phoebe is slightly obsessed with the minions, so when we had a surprise parcel arrive containing a cuddly Kevin minion inside, she was so excited, shouting minion over and over and it hasn’t left her side since. One happy girl and we eventually found out it was from her fairy godmother.


So there you have my weekly happy list. I love the process of sitting down and re living all those special moments I had over the previous week, it makes me really appreciate what I have and I’ve got a lovely record of it all on here.

Do you keep a note of all your happy days? tell me how I’d love to hear, as I’m always on the look out for new ways of staying positive.

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4 thoughts on “Happy List #7 – Sunday, Monday Happy Days

  1. Hasn’t the nice weather been the best? We’ve been outside so much too – paddling pool, hose, and ice lollies! Congratulations on the blogging routine and the follower milestones too – I find a routine is essential for me, it makes me so much less stressed. And my Instagram followers always lagged behind my twitter followers – until I hit 600 and then they seem to pick up at the same rate. In fact, I think Instagram may soon overtake my twitter (which is great because I much prefer it as a platform!) #TheList

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s been so lovely, I’ve got a good base tan for my Holiday now and the ice lollies and pool were so much fun! I’m still struggling with my Instagram, but Twitter is growing so happy with that, I just need to get more writing in now. That’s my aim. I have 2 review posts in draft that I’m tackling over the weekend, wish me luck. Any tips!! X thanks for reading


    1. Thanks Aby, I was on fire last week with blogging but then the weather has meant I’ve just wanted to play and enjoy my time so this week I’ve taken a step back but have been behind the scenes planning! Thanks for hosting and popping by X


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