Wicked Wednesday #22 

During hot weather I’ve found Phoebes mood can be a roller coaster of emotions or maybe it’s just the fact that we are now into those “Terrible two’s” you never know what to expect. Phoebe loves doing everything herself these days, which also includes putting on her sandles, even if that means the wrong foot and backwards! I’ve learnt not to try and help out in these situations  as if only sends her into a meltdown quicker.

So, on one of the hottest days of the year so far ( I think ) Phoebe wouldn’t let me help put her sandles on so we could go out and play in the garden, she was determined to do it herself! Obviously she didn’t quite do it this time, but A for effort little one.

I couldn’t help but notice when looking back at the photos that night (or rather trying to show Daddy Pig what we’d been up) she’s got her concentration face and it’s a cracker plus the little tongue makes me chuckle.

Little concentration face

I can’t wait to see what other faces she starts to do as she gets older and if she’ll copy my mannerisms!  So, does your child have a concentration face!? I would love to know, comment below and tell me yours too!

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