Wicked Wednesday #23

For the last few months my little minx has been having swimming lessons every Friday and it’s not all been plain sailing. Every week we’ve had an “incident” either whilst getting ready, during the lesson or getting ready to leave. This week was a bit of a everything. 

Phoebe got herself stuck in the baby play pen (trying to climb in- thighs stuck!) before we’d even got in the water, the lesson itself was basically a battle as she didn’t want me to hold her and getting changed caused a massive scene and lots of screaming. 

I’ve very proud of this weeks photo, as at one point I didn’t think we were ever going to get there and the thought had crossed my mind, we may be stuck in the hot changing cubicle forever. I finally managed to get her in the buggy (with the help of Barny bear buscuits) which felt like I’d won gold in the parenting Olympics.

I can’t wait to see what’s in store for this weeks lesson, wish me luck!

“no no no nonooooooo, oh bear..yes please!
Does your little darling cause a swimming scene or is just my crazy toddler!? Let me know I’m not alone. 

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12 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday #23

  1. Bribes are the way of life in my household!!!
    I always hate that feeling of not being dry as you’re trying to meet their changing wriggling needs!! Good luck next week

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    1. It’s the way forward!! The changing part is my least fav and it’s always a battle. this week went better, as there were no cubicles free we had the brave the public changing area, where all her mates from the class were…which actually helped because she could see all the other kids having to do the same!


    1. We have had moments I’ve thought the same, but once she’s in and does get involved but just doesn’t want me to hold her at all, was this the same with your child!? When she has the floats on and can just swim without me, she’s amazing but it’s normally half way through the lesson so the first part is tiring, but worth it as she loves the second part, what to do!!! Thanks for reading X

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