Happy List #8 – Good Day Sunshine

I love the process of writing my happy list each week, it makes me really appreciate all the wonderful memories that our little family are making. We’ve really been enjoying the weather again this week and I just find the sunshine makes everything better. I’ve picked a classic sunny song from the Beatles for this weeks title and if you don’t know it click the link below and play it loud.

Good Day Sunshine

Sensory play. Letting Phoebe get all messy with paint, makes me so happy. Watching her little face whilst she explores all the different colours, then the way she actually paints, is magic. Another sensory favourite of Phoebes is playdough/saltdough she loves the stuff and gets very into the creative side of it!

Healing. Over the last few weeks I’ve been keeping up with my self healing, which has meant making time everyday for a Reiki session. This has eaten into my blogging schedule but i’ve needed to re-connect with myself so I’m happy i’ve gone with the flow and I can defiantly feel the benefits.

Connecting. A few months back, I found a lovely blogger who has cleverly created a “Devon bloggers network” to connect all Devon based bloggers. Vicki then links everyone via her blog “Free from fairy” attends local meet ups when she can as well as keeping everyone informed on new events coming up, plus is always on hand for help and advice. Such a lovely lady and I’ve very happy to be part of this fabulous network. Please check it out and if your a Devon blogger, get in touch.


Mindfulness. I’ve been getting back into my creative colouring book the “Secret Garden” by the amazing illustrater Johanna Basford. I’ve been embracing the calm, content feeling it gives me and it’s a welcome break from phone and laptop.

Shellac Nails. Now I’m not normally one for full painted fingernails, but I’m loving my first ever shellac. I went for a pastel purple with one sparkly finger on each hand, it’s stayed on and still looks fab. Defiantly getting it done again for our holiday next month.

Play.Watching Phoebe actually starting to play properly and espically with other toddlers is a huge an exciting step. She is also understanding that sharing is caring, very cute indeed. Her favourite thing at the moment is playing trains in the park, she shouts “All board” and then one of us will collect all the “tickys please” makes me giggle!

Olympics. I absolutely love them, nothing better than cheering on your country. I try to catch as much as possible, just watching the amazing athletes pushing themselves and achieving their goals is so inspiring.
Family. Daddy pig has worked a lot of weekends recently, plus later hours, so we’ve made the most of family time in the week by going out together as soon as D.P gets home from work. Simply stuff like a drive to the beach followed by fish & chips for dinner and a later bedtime for Phoebe, has been a lovely way to spend time together.

Sunshine. It makes me so happy when the sun is shining. I can hang all my washing outside on the line to dry, I get to wear summer clothes and the best bit is being outside all day enjoying the summer vibes with my little lady, who loves the sun just as much as me!

So there is my happy sunny list for the week, well 10 days but who’s counting. I’ve started to ease up on my blog pressure, so when I have time I’ll write but otherwise I’m in the garden playing with the super active toddler who just wants mummy to play or push her around in her car. I know this stage won’t last long so while the sun is shining I’m happy pushing the minx around, enjoying the summer days.

I hope you’re all having fun in the sun, what’ve you been up this week? Share your sun stories I love reading all the comments.

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6 thoughts on “Happy List #8 – Good Day Sunshine

    1. Thanks, it been well needed and I can feel it working. I’ve been taking more time to enjoy to little moment and blogging had had a back burner again, but it’s summer! Have you joined the network now, it’s so friendly and helpful. Sorry for late reply X

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