Boolino Book Review – George and the New Craze


As a parent I’ve always enjoyed reading to Phoebe, even from a very young age, so it came as no surprise when one of Phoebes first words happened to be book. We’ve built up quite a collection so far and her favourites are well established, Phoebe would literally have me reading them all day if she had it her way. Story books are quickly overtaking the picture board books on our shelves as Phoebe is now at an age where she can enjoy a little story, if she sits still longer enough that is.

The transition from board boards to story books has meant Phoebe has had to learn that her excited fast page turning doesn’t go well with these type of books, she’s slowly getting there plus it’s opened up a whole new world of books for us. I’m always on the look out for new books for Phoebe, I just can’t help myself. The colourful illustrations and cute stories just grab my attention and sometimes I think I’m more excited about bedtime stories than Phoebe!

So, you can imagine my excitement when the fantastic online book company, “Boolino” asked us to join their team, by becoming a boolino friend. As a boolino friend we will be regularly reviewing exciting new books from their website that are tailored to Phoebe’s age and interests.

Our first book we are reviewing is a new story from the “George the Giraffe and Friends” series. All the books are about George the giraffe who lives at the Heavenly Hippos Wildlife Park.


George and the New Craze

by Alice Hemming and Kimberley Scott

This is a beautiful book with a fantastic story that’s fast become a favourite with our toddler and every night she’s asked for the “new cards” book. It’s probably the longest book we’ve read, but after a few weeks, we are now managing to make it all the way to end.

A lovely story set in Heavenly Hippos Wildlife Park, with George the Giraffe and his friends getting caught up in a new craze….people cards. The penguins have a full collection and soon they other animals set out to join them. With big bright illustrations on every page,  you can really build on the story and get your child involved. All the animals are busy collecting cards, wanting the find the full collection. They all find a few cards each but soon realise with only 1 or 2 cards you can’t really do a lot with them.

George has a great idea, all the animals should work as a team and share their cards. By most of Heavenly Hippo park’s animals sharing their cards they almost have a full collection, 99 to be exact.

They all have fun playing games with their collection, however they are still missing one…The rare Queen Card. One animal doesn’t want to share, he eventually joins in by adding his card to the collection, which means they finally have a full set.

It’s a wonderful story with beautiful, bright illustrations from front to back, that helps teach children the art of sharing and working together, something we are currently helping Phoebe to understand. This book works so well with our sharing is caring motto, it came at the perfect time and I would say it’s defiantly been helping get the message across in a different way.

Phoebe loves the pictures, she happily points out all the animals and gets very excited now being able to say most of them, sometimes we even get the noises too!

My favourite part is the attention to detail,  throughout the whole book there are fun way to encourage children to learn and develop from counting, learning colours and of course all the animals help build their vocabulary. I would highly recommend this book for any active toddler who is just getting into short stories and wants something a bit more from a bedtime book.

Phoebe’s Score –  4 /5


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Have you recently read this book, what did you think? Let us know your and if you haven’t then head over to the Boolino website as there is a huge 30% off summer sale plus Free Shipping until the end of August, don’t miss out on some bargains.

As a Boolino Friend, I was gifted this book in return for our honest review. All opinions and words are mine and Phoebes.

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10 thoughts on “Boolino Book Review – George and the New Craze

  1. Ah this sounds like a lovely story, and it looks like Phoebe is having a fab time reading the book. I can see how it would be challenging in the transition fromy board to paper, I’m sure she’ll get the hang of it quickly. Boolino is a fab company. Thanks for linking up at #fortheloveofblog. Claire x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Claire, Phoebe loves it and the new book has worn off a little but she still asks for it and loves looking at all the detail now, so building on the story is fun! The new gentle paper books do require a bit more supervision but she’s getting it. Thanks for hosting and leaving such a lovely comment X


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