Little Miss Chatterbox #1

Parenting a toddler sometimes feels as though I’m constantly on an episode of the crystal maze trying to get out of a small room filled with obstacles, various clues thrown about ontop of lots of unhelpful words being shouted at me, which I also have to de-code to understand what the toddler is trying to say all in order just to get out the bloody house. Luckily for me I’m now pretty much pro at Phoebe Jargen so can happily decihpher those not so clear words and more importantly the ones that sound a tad bit rude. Phoebe’s speech has developed so much over the past 2 months and with new words being learnt everyday it’s hard to get a word in edge ways, I don’t know where she gets it from, honestly! I love and loathe this new level of speech  as I can tell she gets frustrated when she can’t say what she wants or when she’s not being understood. I would say it’s the funniest part of parenting so far aswell as the most cringe worthy and loudest, which I know will only get better!


My little miss chatterbox has already come out with some funny one liners, read my favourites below.

  1. Mummy hairy legs. Very clear
  2. White car – Sounds like wanker
  3. Blankly – Sounds like wanky
  4. Elsa – Assholes
  5. Help – elllp me
  6. Don’t worry
  7. Oh nooooo – in a weird cockney voice

Other funny things Phoebe says in response mainly to mummy

  1. I say “Oh they are poorly” – Doctors and bed
  2. When I watch football – Get up muppets!
  3. Someone hurts themselves – Oh no doctor, runs and gets doctors kit
  4. If I get my phone out – Pictures
  5. When Daddy pig is in bed – Shout dadddddddyyyyyy! extremely loudly
  6. Who do you want to see today – nannaaa
Doctor Phoebe

This stage of speech really is hilarious, it’s my sunshine on a cloudy day. After hearing “no no no” all day, I love it when Phoebe comes out with a classic like “wear wellies for reading?” It instantly puts a smile on my face and those tantrum tears and constant no fits are soon forgotten whilst mummy searches for the lost wellies so we can all have 5 minutes peace and quiet.

Wellies are a must

Of course we always watch our language around Phoebe and yes she may have copied mummy say “bloody noisy” the other day when I was listening to some awful music on the radio, but it’s all character building I say. My mum also heard and we tried so hard not to absolutely wet ourselves at the little parrot. We haven’t been lucky enough to hear it again, so fingers crossed its just a one off.

Another new trait my little lady has developed along with the speech is an attitude! It’s like now she can communicate she will use her voice when ever and where ever she likes. For example shouting “go away” to a couple in a restaurant when they sat down on the table opposite us, thankfully they could see the funny side (which doesn’t always happen) and quickly started chatting back to my bossy boots.

Bossy boots

I love hearing her voice and I suppose it was never something I thought about pre-Phoebe but now I look forward to those high pitch screams of “mummmmm” from the other room or the way she greets her nana in the sweetest voice and says hello nana, it melts me, I can’t help it.

I plan to keep writing all of my little lady’s new words and sayings down in a weekly chatterbox catch up post as I don’t want to miss any! Do your little ones say the odd funny word or phrase, let me know I love a good giggle.

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13 thoughts on “Little Miss Chatterbox #1

  1. Love this! My eldest is going through a speech development boost at the moment and she gets frustrated when we don’t get what she’s saying!
    She has a phrase at the moment and I literally has no idea what she means…it sounds like ‘naughty Bernard’. She says it a lot!

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  2. Cute post! And those pics!!!! She is gorgeous! I can’t wait for my Baba to talk. For the moment, he made weird noises but I swear it’s in French LOL #EatSleepBlogRT

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Amazing! Your description of getting out of the house was so spot on, and hilarious, that I actually snorted!! Well, I’m absolutely loving what Phoebe is saying!! Mummy hairy legs, white car, and blankly are hysterical!! ‘Get up muppets,’ when the football is on, is also a classic! My children come out with some classics-mainly ‘mummy, your tummy is massive and wobbly like a jelly,’ ‘mummy, do you have another baby in your tummy?’ (a running theme there!) And my eldest keeps saying something that sounds remarkably like ‘fuck it,’ but when I calmly ask ‘what was that again?’ he always says ‘nothing!’ Like you, I try and watch my language around them, but they’ll always pick up on the slightest of slips…!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad I hit the nail on the head, it was a post I had started then almost discarded so happy to get it out here plus to get a snort, winner!! I’m not liking the theme but love what they say, out of the mouths of babe they say, looking forward to sentences 🙂 thanks for reading X

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