Tales of a poorly Toddler

Having a poorly toddler is almost like having a newborn all over again. Their cry changes pitch, they can loose their shit even quicker than normal (especially if the dreaded M word…medicine is mentioned) they wake frequently in the night and they go through clothes at a rapid rate, yet won’t let you leave them for a second to put a wash on, overall it’s hard work.

Phoebe has been unlucky with a few nasty viruses in her 2 and half years, hand foot and mouth being a pertiuclar stand out along with many colds and more recently knocks and falls resulting in her first scab, which she is obsessed with and has now picked said scab, takes off the peppa plaster and imeditally asks for another one!

Peppa & Georgie Pig Plasters

Last month Phoebe started getting very grumpy, grizzly and basically a pain in the arse. I just put this down to those “terrible twos” and assumed her hulkese mood swings were simply tantrums and pushing boundaries. However, a few days later during dinner (her favourite, pasta bake) I noticed she really wasn’t eating it, as soon as it touched her mouth she freaked out and pushed it away! Most unlike her I looked into her mouth to find a huge ulcer on the inside of her cheek. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t spotted it and completely understood why the pasta bake had gone down so badly, it must have been extremely painful for her.

We dosed her up followed by a relaxing bath (lots of crying & biting the sore bits) then stories and just did our best to soothe the frantic munchkin as much as we could because her precious Dudu was causing her more pain than comfort, we knew we were in for a long night.

The night went something like this;

7:3o pm – Bed time tears, biting her sores, resulting in blood, lots of cuddles and 5 books.

8:00 pm – Stories all finished, more tears but she’s now in her bed, well rolling around like a crazy lady but she’s in her bed.

9:13 pm – Painful cries followed by cuddles, which ended up with Phoebe getting out of her bed and into our bed with mummy.

9:30 pm  – Shout for assistance from daddy pig, as Phoebe is launching herself out of bed, can’t handle a fall right now.

9:45 pm – After a quick room rearrangement, our bed is now pushed up against the wall so hopefully no bed time accidents.

10ish pm – Phoebe is finally asleep so time to un tangled myself from her sleepy but tight grips in hope of getting some sleep on my tiny portion of the bed Phoebe has so kindly left me.

12:15 am – I’m woken up by Phoebe shouting for me whilst holding her mouth and I can just about make out she’s covered in blood! Once we put the light we could see she’d obviously bitten her ulcer quite badly, causing it to bleed everywhere making it look like a scene from a horror movie. After cleaning her up, getting new PJ’s for everyone we headed back to bed.

1:10 am – Another 45 minutes of painful crying and lots of wriggling, Phoebe is once again asleep, along with a snoring Daddy Pig. Mummy can’t sleep.

The next few days were equally as tough on the little lady as it was on us. Phoebe is what I call a picker, she can help herself and in situations such as nasty mouth ulcers picking never helps, as she finally learnt but it was still upsetting watching her learn the hard way.  Her appiete totally went out the window so it was all about the smoothies (not too acidic) and lots of water. When she did manage to eat it was pretty much only ice lollies and yogurt, she kept trying but as soon as anything touched her lips, she let us know by shouting “noooo mouth sore” so my rule when this happens is..

“If she’ll eat it, she can have it”

It quickly spread and within 2 days the inside of her mouth was absolutely covered in them. After 2 doctors trip, we were still none the wiser as the what had caused it, what is officially was and more importantly what we could do to help! I think that’s what got me so upset, it left me feeling helpless and almost unable to care for my little girl, who needed me more than ever. Phoebe was permanently attached to either me or Daddy Pig, and that was the only way we could comfort her, by big hugs. As the days went by, it  did get better but it was such an emotional roller coaster, minus the fun. We spent our days with cuddles on the sofa, watching movies and just like my mum used to do when I was poorly, I got Phoebe’s special Georgie Pig bed covers down, plus the pillow and just made her as comfortable as possible.

Thankfully it didn’t last too long and our little lady was soon back to herself, I wouldn’t say normal but most defiantly back to herself. How do you cope with toddlers and mouth ulcers? Any special tricks for dealing with them and the toddler? I would love to hear them, let me know by leaving a comment below.


13 thoughts on “Tales of a poorly Toddler

  1. Oh I used to get terrible ulcers as a kid, I remember the pain well, just awful for her. I prescribe plenty of Bonjella and lots of mummy cuddles. I hope she is better now, it’s awful when your kids are sick: emotionally and physically knackering! Thank you for linking up with us at #ablogginggoodtime 🎉

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    1. Ahh feel ya pain as I also used to suffer with them, nasty things and totally throw you off balance. They lasted about 3 weeks in total, but she got through it with lots of lollies and cuddles, thanks for reading x


  2. Oh dear, it is horrid seeing them so uncomfortable. We’ve not had mouth ulcers (yet) but we have had chicken pox. Bizarrely, other than the rash and a bit of a temperature, my little man was fine. He and I did get struck down by a horrible D&V bug last year though. That was the worst experience of my life. Trying to look after a sick baby when you are sick too is the worst! Glad you got through it and hope she’s ok now. #ablogginggoodtime.

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    1. I hope your don’t get them, it’s such a vicious circle as they are obviously hungry but can eat, broke me a little, not being able to help 😦 it sounds like you dodged the itchy part of chicken poxs, not looking forward to that one!! And you should read my ” how to survive a toddler with a sickness bug” everyone got it, bad times so I feel ya pain Hunnie X they lasted about 3 week in total, but thankfully we got through it! Thanks for reading X


  3. Poor Phoebe, it’s so horrible when they are poorly, and you can’t do anything. We have not had to deal with ulcers, both my boys suffer with a viral wheeze every time they get a cold (not fun through the Winter!). Cuddles and Movie watching are good, and I agree with letting them eat whatever they want. I’m just happy that they eat at all when they are poorly. #abloggingoodtime

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    1. So horrible when you can help them that much, hope your boys are alright, and totally agree with the movies but she doesn’t sit still for longer enough to snuggle!! And yes let them eat whatever when poorly, as long as they are eating something! Thanks for commenting and she’s now got croup, one thing after another hey. X

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  4. Hi Georgina, My heart goes out to poor little phoebe. How painful that ulcer must have been for her! And not knowing the cause must be quite frustrating too. I’m glad to read that she is back to normal again.

    I can’t remember either of mine having an ulcer when they were small, so I can’t help. Ti be honest though I don’t think I would have done anything any different to you.


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    1. Thanks, she ended up having about 4 big ones and lots of little ones, was painful indeed, brave girl that’s what I kept telling her 🙂 and yes not knowing always does my head in, but she had a week of being okay then caught a cold/ cough on holiday which has resulted in blicken croup! Which is horrible, I just want my baby back X


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