My September loves

September seem to come and go pretty quickly mainly due to Phoebe being a poorly poppet (read more about that here) and on a better note we went on holiday, to Ibiza. Since coming home my little head is buzzing with wonderful new ideas for posts, yet I just don’t know where to start. Normally when this happens I tend to get overwhelmed and not write, but this time I’ve decided to bite the bullet and do a late post on all the things I loved during September.

  • Family Time

Spending time with family is something I just adore, even if it means having to stop Phoebe beating up her little cousin every five minutes. During September daddy pigs sister came to visit and we were blessed with a gorgeous sunny day, so out came the paddling pool and the toddlers enjoyed played about in the garden, while us mummies tried to catch up. For dinner we had a tasty BBQ followed by Phoebe tears, not wanting them to go home. Luckily my mum was here so that softened the blow. We really need to return the visit, so hopefully we’ll see them again soon.

  • Baking

My apron has been hung up collecting dust for most of the summer, but at the start of the month I got my bake on, with the help of daddy pig. I’ve learnt trying to tackle an over excited toddler whilst baking is a recipe for disaster so it’s all about team work. I went for a full on chocolate cake including chocolate frosting, a Mary Berry recipe, which I would highly recommend.


  • World of Country Life 

I’m alway looking for nice local family places to take Phoebe for a day out so when nanna suggested World of Country Life, I couldn’t wait. Mainly because I went there as a little girl and it’s not too far, just outside Exmouth. Phoebe played all day in the various soft play areas, feed goats, went on a tractor train ride to see deer and ran around everywhere, not wanting to miss a bit! We both got passes so will definitely be back for more fun very soon, plus they have lots of special seasonal themed parties coming up.

  • Holiday

Going back to where it all began (me and daddy pig lived in Ibiza pre Phoebe) was such a lovely experience and just being away for 10 whole days was bliss. It was stressful a times I’m not going to lie, but having my sister and our friends around meant we could relax a little, plus Phoebe was so obsessed with her aunty, so she had no choice but be dragged around by the minx. During the holiday Phoebe’s swimming came on leaps and bounds, it was beautiful watching her enjoying the water and it also meant she was so exhausted she would nap, well most of the time! Overall it was a fantastic holiday, but next time we’ll be a family of four, so thinking a villa might be better.

  • 12 Week Scan 

After our holiday we only had to wait a few days before our 12 week scan. It’s always a weird feeling, waiting to go in but luckily having the early scan at 8 weeks meant I was less nervous. Everything was absolutely fine and seeing our little bean wriggling around on the screen made me smile and almost cry. Phoebe came with us to the hospital and was very excited to see mummy with jelly on her belly (which wasn’t cold, had been warmed up!) and kept telling everyone she was going to be big sister. Now almost 16 weeks, I’m starting to feel a little bit better apart from the odd sickness due to the horrible hyperemesis gravidarum I’m still getting, it’s all worth it though.

So there you have my September loves, better late than never.  What wonderful things did you get up to? Let me know and thanks for reading.

My Petit Canard

4 thoughts on “My September loves

  1. What a wonderful September it looks like you have had. And so nice to have family around so that you could get a little break on holiday. Yay for everything looking good at the 12 week scan! Exciting times to come. #MarvMondays xx

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  2. I know what you mean, sometimes you can be too inspired and not know where to start! Your holiday looks gorgeous and must’ve been lovely living in Ibiza before, how nice to return. Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Kaye xo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels like that! Once I get a catch up post done I feel I can move on! And yes ibiza was a lovely place to live and hopefully in the near future we will be back living there. X


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