Pregnancy #2 Diary 1st Trimester [weeks 4-8] 

Weeks 4 – 8

I knew early on that I was expecting again, mainly due to the monthly visit not arriving, quickly followed by constantly throwing up. I did a test almost 10 days after missing my period and was shocked how quickly the lines appeared. I had booked in to see my doctor and arranged all the normal midwife appointments, plus started taking my pregnancy tablets.

A few weeks went by and the sickness continued, in fact it got worse. One Sunday I ended up going into hospital after not being able to drink even water, plus not eating properly. I was in there for 2 days on a constant drip, I was also having anti sickness medicine pumped into me, which seemed to be working. I have something called Hyperemesis Gravidarum, which is a severe sickness in pregnancy, so no matter what I was doing, no little tricks were helping me get over the sickness.

  • Symptoms

From around week 5 my breasts become super sensitive and sore, as well as feeling very emotional. Other symptoms, severe sickness.

  • Sickness

I seemed to managed it for a few weeks but then it was obvious something wasn’t right so in a way I was sort of glad finding out I had HG and that it wasn’t just me not coping, I was struggling for a reason. Started taking the anti sickness tablets, which work but I have to remember to take them.

  • My Emotions

The first few weeks, I become very tearful over silly little things and found the sickness hard work and mega draining. Overall a bit of a mess.

  • Food & Appetite

Feeling so sick a lot of the time I struggled finding food that agreed with me and the bean, simply food, little and often seemed to work. Ice lollies, ice creams and crackers was basically all I was living on.

  • Bump & Baby

During the hospital stay, I had an early scan to check baby was doing okay and it turned out a was a few weeks further on than first expected 7 weeks and 5 days and baby was doing good. Not much of a bump, but feeling bloated.

  • Phoebe

The big sister in training is dealing with it all pretty well, other than missing me when I stayed in hospital and thinking I’m poorly all the time. She doesn’t like it when I’m sick and will shut the bathroom door, whilst shouting oh no.

Overall the first few weeks have been quite hard and having HG is something I wouldn’t wish on anyone, it takes sickness to a whole new level. It’s the best reason to be sick and totally worth it all but it still takes it out of you. Did you suffer with this during your pregnancy or are you currently like me going through it? let me know, any tips or advice are most welcome.

Coming up next Weeks 8 – 12, including our scan.

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8 thoughts on “Pregnancy #2 Diary 1st Trimester [weeks 4-8] 

  1. Oh girl I feel you! I have three kids and with each pregnancy my first trimester was pure torture. Ha! Actually it wasn’t funny. I hope you start feeling better ASAP! #MarvMondays

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  2. Congrats on baby! You poor thing, having HG – I’ve never been sick through pregnancy but have had nausea all day long every day and that was bad enough. Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Kaye xo

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  3. Congratulations on the baby news! I was so lucky to escape sickness I can’t imagine how awful that must be! I hope you’re feeling much better now!


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