Bedroom Wish List

During the summer months I tend to be outside a lot, making the most of the British weather, so come Autumn/Winter I seem to spend more time at home, making me suddenly much more aware of my house, the furniture and the lack of comfy items we have. My mum on the other hand always has lovely throws and blankets, the type of ones you can really snuggle up with on a cold Sunday afternoon whilst watching a movie.

Phoebe also loves nana’s purple princess blanket as its now be named, so I would love to get something similar for our house and also her bedroom. Our bedroom is an area that’s been quite neglected, nothing matches its outdated and most certainly needs some nice snuggly blankets, new bed linen and a bit of love, so whats the harm in a little innocent  window shopping, a mum can dream can’t she?

Phoebe Bedroom 

I always seem to shop for Phoebe before myself these days and during some late night dream shopping I stumbled upon some amazing items that I would adore for Phoebe’s room.

We have a small futon in Phoebe’s room, for bedtime reading, cuddles and sometimes for mummy for sleep on if she’s poorly, so this lovely soft blue triangle throw would go perfectly for snuggles and match her blue and grey room.

Triangles Throw

What a magical item, I absolutely love the idea of this bookcase. It gives you that fairy tale feeling which Phoebe is very into, plus it’s a great way for keeping all her books neat and tidy.

Tree Bookcase
VELUX Minnie Mouse Blinds

Phoebe is currently obsessed with Minnie Mouse so when I heard VELUX BLINDS had teamed up with Disney to create “The Disney and VELUX Dream Collection” I had to take a peek, incase they had a  Minnie Mouse one, and they do! What could be more special than having your own Minnie Mouse Blackout Blind. There are 12 different designs in the collection, meaning there is something for every Disney lover.  The blackout feature also means that it wouldn’t disrupt her daytime napping or bedtime routine, as it blocks out sunlight and moonlight, making it a total winner in my eyes.


12 Disney Designs

Mummy & Daddy’s Bedroom 

As mentioned above our room is very unloved so these would be my wish list items to make our room more comfy for the cold autumn evenings.

I love the feel of a crisp white sheet, over simply yet beautiful white bed covers. I would always go to The white company for this look even though it wouldn’t stay white for long with a messy toddler around, its a lovely wish list item.

I am always on the look out for snuggly throws, so when I spotted this beauty on “notonthehighstreet” I just had to add it into my list. It makes me want to take a nap or wrap myself up in it and read a good book.

Luxury Minx Faux Fur

We currently have some serious dodgy so called tables for our bedside tables, so these would be my ideal choice as an upgrade. A stylish yet simply design.

Simply Bedside Table

Having no bedside lamp, is something I’ve just gotten used to not having, however being pregnant is making me realise soon I’ll need that little light during dark night feeds and this would look gorgeous upon the dream bedside table.

Gorgeous natural designs

Now you’ve seen my wish list, what’s the one item you would choose and what snuggly winter items would you have on your own dream wish list? Let me know I would love to hear to more inspiration.

{In collaboration with VELUX Blinds} 


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