Pregnancy #2 Diary 1st Trimester [weeks 8-12] 

Weeks 8 – 12

After being treated for the Hypermesis Gravdium, severe pregnancy sickness, I feel I can almost get on with normal everyday things as the tablets are working. This month we told a few close friends and family about the news mainly due to my sickness and needing an extra helping hand. Over these 4 weeks we were on holiday in Ibiza for 10 days which was a lovely break, not really relaxing but still a perfect family holiday.

  • Symptoms

Staring to get very tired quickly, noticing little twinges and still super sore breasts that Phoebe keeps knocking or banging, she doesn’t know but wow does it hurt! Made the switch over to maternity bras this month, so comfy. Also Feeling more achy so treated myself to a pregnancy massage while on holiday, bliss. Another thing I’ve noticed this month is I can smell everything, good and bad.

  • Sickness

Thankfully the anti sickness tablets are working, but still getting bad wind resulting is massive burps and bleches. I also forgot my tablets on the outward plane journey so ended up being pretty sick for most of the flight.  The heat in Ibiza also made it tough at times plus eating lots of different food, made me nervous as it didn’t always agree with me.

  • My Emotions

My emotions have been all over the place. Having to pack for the holiday was slowed right down by Phoebe being poorly with mouth ulcers, making her a little cling on and not leaving my side, which made it all quite stressful. I also stupidly left my phone is our friends car when getting dropped off at the airport, my reaction was to cry like a baby as we were almost though check in, luckily I got it back but still a blubbering mess! I also seem to be crying at adverts and Facebook videos more than normal. A roller coaster of emotions this month.

  • Food & Appetite

As mentioned we were on holiday for 10 days so ate lots of tasty food whilst away but I was slightly miffed at not being able to eat certain foods like fresh prawns, my absolute favourite. I made up for it with plenty of ice creams and sweet treats instead. Overall being able to eat a bit more has been great, but not too much as I learnt the hard way.

  • Bump & Baby

Baby bean is growing nicely and this month we got to see how well. The 12 week scan was so clear and it was amazing watching the little one wriggling around. We decided to have all the tests offered at this stage so they were carried out no problem. I hate having blood taken so luckily it was over in no time and done with ease. Bump is starting to show more now but it’s still just a bit of a blubby area. Second time round people say it can show quicker and I think thats true.

  • Phoebe

Phoebe loved being at the hospital for the scan, she stayed pretty occupied with the fish in the waiting area but lost it a few times. One of those times was during the actual scan, until she saw me with jelly on my belly she wasn’t interested, then when seeing the baby on the screen, she had a lovely little smile on her face, we all did.

There have been lots of changes this week, but the highlight has to be seeing the little bean during the scan, such a beautiful moment. Did you take your little ones in for your scans? I would love to know how they reacted?

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4 thoughts on “Pregnancy #2 Diary 1st Trimester [weeks 8-12] 

  1. Lovely update. It brings back memories of my first trimester which was around this time last year. It sounds like youre doing really well. Not long till youre in the 2nd trimester too which will hopefully feel and be even better than the first. Youre definitely doing much better than I was 🙂 Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Emily

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    1. Thanks so much. I’ve written my pregnancy diary so I can remember this time, the good and the bad as its all part of it right! I feel like a bit of a mess at the moment but now 18 weeks so have more energy but no motivation!! Now my diary is up to date I can do two week entries, what do you think? What did you do? Thanks again G X


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