Pregnancy #2 Diary 2nd Trimester [Weeks 12-16]

Weeks 12 – 16

This month has been quite eventful as we got to see our little bean, hear it’s hearbeat and I’m starting to feel more fluttery movements, such a weird and wonderful experience. I can’t belive I’m now into the 2nd Trimester, feels like only yesterday I found out. Starting to think more about maternity wear this month, as I’m growing so much already. Feeling like I’ve got more energy this month so been getting out and about with Phoebe making the most of sunny days as well as getting daddy pig helping out with home toddler craft.

  • Symptoms

My breasts are getting so much bigger and still very. Need to get measured for more maternity bras as I’m already growing out of my old ones. Getting quite a snuffy nose, I know (excuse the pun) this happens around now but can’t work out if I’m getting a cold. HG still going strong. Still feeling tired but I think thats partly due to looking after a toddler and growing a baby!

  • Sickness

Finding myself feeling awful in the mornings and have been sick more than I’d like. The tablets do work but finding certain food really not  agreeing with, like bread and pastry plus tomatoes.

  • My Emotions

Very emotional, more grumpy and snappy recently. Finding it hard to switch off from things and haven’t been sleeping great which adds to my grumpiness. Phoebe also having bad croup hasn’t helped, its clears up then comes back. I also got to meet 2 gorgeous newborns this months and it made me feel very teary, in a good way. Watching them make all the little noises and fall asleep every 2 minutes brought it home, that will be me again soon.

  • Food & Appetite

I would say I’m snacking more than ever at the moment, little and often seem to be the way forward. I’ve made the mistake of having big meals and I just feel so awful afterwards and and then end up burping all night. My sweet tooth has definitely come back and I’ve really been enjoying yoghurts, puddings and scones with Jam plus clotted cream, yummy.

  • Bump & Baby

Little bean is doing well and every week I feel a little bit more pregnant if that makes sense. I had a midwife appointment this month, which had to be at the hospital (where phoebe was born) due to my doctors being so busy. Luckily my sister was over visiting so stayed with Phoebe, while i went in peace. I heard it’s little heartbeat racing away but as I expected it’s another wriggler so wouldn’t stay still for longer than a few seconds, still a lovely moment. The bump has grown lots this month, but I feel a different shape than when I carried phoebe. Taking bump photos was something I loved doing when pregnant with Phoebe so trying to remember this time around too, easier said than done.

  • Phoebe

The little lady was kindly given some new books about “waiting for baby” & “The new baby” when we went to visit a friend and her beautiful newborn. Phoebe loves the books and it’s a nice way to start introducing the subject at story time, plus as she gets older I think she will start to understand more. Phoebe is obsessed with my belly and is still shouting at my tummy all the time, talking to the baby.

It’s been a month of lots of change, lots of emotions but it’s all part of this amazing journey through pregnancy. Next month we have a the BIG 2o scan where we can find out the gender, so it’s time to start thinking about that, already. This time around I want to find out but Daddy Pig isn’t so sure. Did you find out with your pregnancies? Let me know, I don’t know what to do!

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19 thoughts on “Pregnancy #2 Diary 2nd Trimester [Weeks 12-16]

  1. My gorgeous daughter only you can make that decision my love talk with daddy pig and decide together saying why you want to and listen to what his ideas are you will both work it out you are such brilliant parents and dad and I are so extremely proud of the way you are with Phoebe and each other , listen to your heart and it will show you what to do jenny xx

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  2. Aw there’s nothing quite like hearing the heartbeat and feeling the first flutters! Sorry you are feeling so rough though. Hope it passes soon. #MarvMondays

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Halfway there! Not long now. I do feel for you about the sickness though. I have bad sickness with my boys and I hope yours settles soon. I actually love the second trimester best! Look forward to your next update and thanks for sharing with #bigpinklink

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    1. Thanks so much 🙂 it’s been hard work but yes almost half way there now, yippee. I also hope this sickness eases up soon, tired of it now. I agree the second trimester is the easiest and most enjoyable for sure. Update coming soon, I’ll link it again. Thank for hosting X


  4. Aww lovely update, and what a lovely little bump you have. Reading your update made me smile, it reminded me of being pregnant not so long ago.. We didnt find out the gender of our first baby, but did with our second as my husband wanted to know. It was nice knowing and I dont regret it, but I would have loved another surprise second time round too. Cant wait to find out what you decide 🙂 Thanks for sharing this on #MarvMondays. Emily

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    1. Thanks so much Emily, the bump is coming along nicely! And I loved reading your updates so honest and real. The scan is on Friday so not long now, I’ll post an update about what we decided next weekend, exciting times! Thanks for hosting X


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