My October Loves 

October was a busy month with lots of outdoor play, crafty days at home, trying to stay on top of my writing and organise my blog all whilst being pregnant and dealing with the sickness. I’ve also been helping arrange my best friends baby shower, all exciting things but I just haven’t stopped. During the month I’ve had pleantly of tricks up my sleeve to help with everything so here’s what I loved in October.

Thankfully I found a fabulous online e- invitation service to use for my best friends baby shower,  that takes all the stresses of writing them out, posting them plus the cost of it all. It’s not like a Facebook invite as you can choose from one of their stylish pre made designs or customise your own, and guests get a cute envelope to open which then spins around to show your gorgeous invite. There is a “Free Group Chat function” so you can discuss where to meet or what to wear with other guests, which has been a useful tool plus it comes with a Free RSVP Tracker so you can keep up to date with who’s attending. They have also just added a new feature, so you can see if the guests have opened your invite, sneaky but I like it! I’ll do a post all about shower and more on the invite after the shower, as some bits are a surprise for the mum to be.

Envytations - How it works

  • Neal’s Yard – Organic Defence Hand Spray

I wouldn’t say I’m a clean freak but when out and about with Phoebe I do like to use a hand sanitizer , especially at the park or before a library visit. However having psoriasis makes it really hard to use the generic anti bacterial ones, as they make my skin very dry and irritated. So when my lovely mummy introduced me to the Neal’s yard Remedies one, I was over the moon. It’s a hand spray, that kills 99% of germs, smells gorgeous and   doesn’t harm my skin as its all made from natural ingredients, perfect.

Neals Yard
Natural Hand Spray
  • Bloggers Journal – Paperchase

I’ve been using this for a few months now but recently it’s become by bible. Being pregnant has made me all forgetful, so it’s a nice way to stay on track of my blogging weekly as well as planning and setting monthly goals. I love good old paper and pen, it makes me feel as though I’m actually getting somewhere, ticking off my lists and scribbling on the go.

  • Stick Man Film

The stick man  is such a beautiful story and one that Phoebe is currently bestotted by, so when I remembered that it has been made into a short film I couldn’t wait for her to watch it. It went down so well and has now become a lovely wind down tool before her bath, followed by reading the book for her bedtime story. Phoebe also loves looking for her own Stick Man and his Lady Love, when were out and about, meaning we now have a house full on random sticks.

So there you have what I loved last month. What were you loving last month? Have you seen the stick man film, if not I would highly recommend it, especially at this time of year, a great film for the whole family.

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8 thoughts on “My October Loves 

  1. Oh wow I was actually looking for the stick man film! Where did you get it from? My son is completely obsessed with stick man at the moment and can recite the book so I’d love to get him it for Christmas. I love the idea of a blogging journal – I have seen lots of people talking about them (maybe a Christmas present idea for myself)! #TheListLinky

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    1. It’s so lovely isn’t it. I bought mine in Tesco I think, just do a quick check online, they also do an activity book which I was saving for Christmas but she found it, I can also recite it too, what are we like! The bloggers journal was pricey for me at around £13 but it’s been great for getting focused and having everything in one place 🙂 get yourself one, they should still sell them online if not a newer version by now. Thanks for reading X


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