My Pregnancy Differences..So Far

I’m writing this at 18 weeks pregnant after just having read my weekly baby email, reminding me of what’s going on this week, and it got me thinking how different my pregnancies have been so far. I know that no two pregnancies are ever the same however it’s personal circumstances that are also so different to my first.

Email updates

  • Accommodation

First time around we were living with my mum and step dad, whilst looking for the right place and saving up enough money. Which as much as I love them, was hard work at times due to my pregnancy hormones. This time however we are in our own place, with plenty of room and my mum is over all the time of course. Having that personal space has been so wonderful especially due to my sickness.

  • Time

I didn’t realise how much time you actually have when you don’t have kids. I remember taking so many naps during my pregnancy with Phoebe and nowadays I’ll be luckily to get a cheeky 30 minutes power nap. I spent lots of time browsing in shops at baby clothes, eyeing up the lastest pram systems and what I should have been doing was sleeping more, if only I had known what I know now.

  • Work

During my pregnancy with Phoebe I worked up until I was 8 months, as a dinner lady via an agency. It worked out well as the hours weren’t long and it meant I stayed active. I haven’t returned to work just a full time mum, which can be a hard job some days, but I should get some “free time” soon as the little lady is off to a pre school. A few hours a day to myself will be heaven, especially as I get bigger and need the rest.

  • Toddler

Phoebe being my first child, I only had myself to look after myself during pregnancy, things are so different now. Having an active toddler has been tough at times, as my energy levels were so low during the first trimester, plus having HG meant lots of home actives, luckily Phoebe didn’t seem to mind.

  •  Sickness

I didn’t really suffer that much with sickness during my first pregnancy, the mornings and just before bed were pretty bad but it passed and I managed. With this little one, it’s been horrendous. I honestly can say I’ve never been as sick or felt as awful. The first few weeks were absolute hell, I just assumed it was bad morning sickness but after almost 3 days of not keeping anything down, including water I took myself into hospital. I was servely dehydrated and had lots of keytones in my wee, so was quickly rushed into a ward and put on a fast drip, with vitamins and anti sickness. I stayed in overnight and was constantly on a drip making it so hard to sleep but I had stopped being sick! I went home the next afternoon armed with tablets and a sore arm. The tablets I’ve been prescribed ( 2 types) do work however I am still sick sometimes and it dosent look like it’s going any time soon. Dealing with it has been harder than I thought, as lots of bending down makes it worse,  so all playing with Phoebe has been altered slightly. Again that’s been difficult to explain to Phoebe, a tantruming child whilst feeling sick is not a nice combo.

  • Magic

The first time you get pregnant everyone looks at you with a magical expression, congratulates you and can’t stop asking you questions and telling you how great you look. Second time around people give you an almost sympathic smile, followed by a oh that will be hard work comment. There is less magic second time around it seems but for me the first pregnancy wasn’t all that magical and rainbows anyway. I honestly got freaked out at first by baby moving, annoyed at not being able to sleep how I like and it took a while to connect with my little one, but I of course did over the 9 months. This time I’ve been very sick making it not an easy one, but I’m less weirded out by the first movements as I know what to expect now and I’m finding it easier to connect with my little bean, as I’m more relaxed and less anxious.

  • Reading

I think every mum to be reads anything pregnancy/baby related at some point during their first pregnancy and some more than others. I read a lot, I loved reading up about how baby was growing and what parts were forming that week, as well as knowing the size in conprassion to a peice of fruit or vegetable and would tell everyone. Plus reading baby blogs, which I still do of course, but now I’m also one of them. Now when I get the email update I skim over it and quickly move onto my next email. It’s not that I don’t care I just don’t have time to sit down and day dream about my little bean, not with Phoebe shouting “pictures, mummies phone” at the top of her voice. I will have to refresh my newborn memory at some point but I know it will just come right back well I’m hoping anyways.

  • Nesting

I loved getting all the baby bits ready whilst pregnant with Phoebe and can still remember writing so many lists, of all the things I thought I needed. However this time I haven’t wrote a single list and have barely had time to think of buggy and sleeping arrangements. I now know those things all naturally come together in time but I suppose I am looking forward to getting a few new bits and digging out some old favourites.

  • Daddy pig

First time around we had more time for each other, would chat baby names for hours, get lots of bump cuddles while I updated him on the fruit size that week and it was only us to look after, now we have a full on toddler who demands all our attention so it’s definetly different. He’s still very excited and loves watching my bump grow but second time around I think I’m less information mad and therefore don’t feel the need to update him on this weeks fruit, which is a sweet potato by the way.

Lots of exciting differences this time around some better than others, buts its all part of the crazy journey. Almost at the half way mark now, so just discussing with daddy pig if we’re going to find out the baby’s gender as we didn’t with Phoebe but might with this one. Stay tuned to find out what we decided as well as my next pregnancy diary update.

Did you find out second time round, or first? Have your pregnancies been completely different like mine? Let me know I love hearing pregnancy stories.

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11 thoughts on “My Pregnancy Differences..So Far

  1. It’s all time isn’t it Hun? When you have one child already you have zero and all your energy is focussed on them. Sorry you were so sick! That must have been sooo hard. Yes the pre school days are bliss. Rest and chilling is fab! Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah your so right everything is focused around them, it’s hard but worth it! The sickness is slightly better this week ( hooray) but still present 😦 and totally gone off my food again. Thanks for hosting X


  2. We found out the gender with both pregnancies. With the first (girl) I just had to know and with the second (boy due in March) I wanted to wait, but in the end we decided to find out. My pregnancies have been both the same and different all at the same time. I hope you are feeling better!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ah it sounds like you’re a lot more relaxed this time around. I have just the one little person so can’t compare I’m afraid but I can imagine I’d be more relaxed second time around too. #bestandworst

    Liked by 1 person

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