Pregnancy #2 Diary 2nd Trimester [Weeks 19-20] 

So I’ve officially made it to the half way point in my pregnancy. Weeks 19 & 20 have been a roller coaster ride of emotions, as we found out what we’re having plus we’ve all been poorly, so a hard few weeks but all on the mend now, thankfully. This time of year is always the hardest transition for me, as a outdoors person and parent I have to totally re think my whole routine which has been difficult to do with my pregnant brain. Some days are easier than others but really feeling the strain of parenting a toddler who’s going through the terrible twos whilst pregnant.I also helped host my best friends baby shower, which was stressful but all worth it seeing her face. It was a fabulous afternoon with lots of food, games and giggles, making me think about mine now.

Baby shower bumps
Baby Shower Bumps
  • Symptoms

My joints have been more clicky recently and my hips are starting to feel very achy if I’ve been standing or crouching for long periods, which is basically all the time so gentle stretching and yoga is helping to ease the pains. I even went to a pregnancy yoga class last week, such a beautiful evening class with some lovely mamma’s and I left feeling refreshed and slept so well that night. I’ve still been mega thirsty, yet nothing seems to quench my thirst, most annoying. I’ve also been napping when Phoebe does as I seem to be so tired come the afternoon.

19 weeks bumpie
19 Weeks, bump is growing quickly
  • Sickness

It’s the same old story I’m afraid, my tablets help but I still feel sick and have terrible reflux after meals. It’s so draining constantly having the deal with my Hyperemesis Gravidarum and I honestly thought by now it would have started to get better. I try not to focus on it as being anxious won’t make it any better but most morning making Phoebe breakfast is such a battle as the mornings are the worse time,the smell of food can totally set me off but having a hungry toddler wrapped around your leg demanding food has to be dealt with too.

  • Emotions

Like I said above its been a real roller coaster of emotions these past few weeks, good and bad. Firstly all being poorly with stinking colds and coughs was hard work, especially as pregnant women can’t take much medicines, so it just meant mine lingered on. There were times when Phoebe wouldn’t settle and had snot all over her face and all I wanted to do was go back to sleep, so when she started cried so did I. Luckily daddy pig was on hand to help out as much as his flu ridden self could handle. We got through it somehow and had some lovely news to cheer us up come our 20 week scan, we found out baby bean’s sex, which caused me mixed emotions. I blame the pregnancy hormones!

20 week bumpie
Pre swimming Bumpie at 20 weeks
  • Food & Appetite

My cravings are coming in thick and fast, different to my Phoebe cravings which has surprised me. I’ve mainly been wanting curries and rice for dinner and any chicken tiki/coronation type baguette or roll for lunch, baby bean likes flavour what can I say! Also been loving cheese and crackers with big dollops of chutney but still finding strawberries and raspberries too acidic which is most upsetting as I still have to watch Phoebe munch a massive helping in front of me.

Thai Chicken Curry
Thai Green Chicken Curry
  • Bump & Baby

This time around we made the decision to find out the sex during our 20 week scan and can now revel we are having another little Girl. She is growing right on target and was happy wriggling around, she even had her feet in her moth at one point, so cute.It’s amazing how much you can see on the scan and the detail, watching her little heart beating, blood pumping around made me very emotional. I was in utter shock at the gender as I was convinced I was carrying a boy. I’ve come round to the idea now (just about) and can’t wait for Phoebe to have a little sister but it still caused me some weird emotions which I’m going to go into more detail in a separate post.  So much is happening with girly, as I’ve now starting calling her. Her limbs are now all in proportion plus all her lady bits are developed and her hair is starting to grow. Around this time, the skin starts to produce a waxy coating called vernix caseosa, which protects her from the amniotic fluid, fascinating. Girly’s brain has also been working overtime in week 20 to develop the nerve centers dedicated to senses.

Baby Girl
Another little girl
  • Phoebe

After her recent big development leap she’s calmed down and is starting to play a little bit more independently which has been lovely and hopefully means by the time Girly arrives she can busy herself with toys and reading. Her speech and is getting better every day and her memory amazes me, she literally doesn’t stop talking from the minute she wakes up until she goes to bed. She has very vivid imagination, making conversations extremely funny at the moment. Phoebe now knows she’s going to be getting a little sister and seems excited but I’m not sure she fully understand what’s going on, bless her. The other big news with the little lady is that we’ve been introducing potty training, first week went well but week 2 has been more challenging and she’s just been on a poop strike, until we went swimming that was. As soon as the swimming nappy was on, she went for it, twice. We are now into week 3 and its a slow process but getting there I think.

phoebe update
Phoebe Update

It’s been a busy few weeks with so much exciting news, finding out were having a girl has been the highlight for me. The bump is growing so quickly and next week I’ll be getting ready for all the christmas party season, so watch out for a pregnancy outfit post coming soon, any suggestions would be most appreciated.

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3 thoughts on “Pregnancy #2 Diary 2nd Trimester [Weeks 19-20] 

  1. Ah lovely to hear how you are getting on and so sorry that the sickness is still lingering on. Fingers crossed that it does start to get a little better. Its bad enough having the usual sickness of pregnancy without having to live with the suped up version, I really feel for you! Won’t be long before you have two beautiful little ladies in your arms #eatsleepblogrt

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