Pregnancy #2 Diary 2nd Trimester [Weeks 21-24] 

It’s been over a month since I last updated my pregnancy diary and I can’t believe how quickly it’s gone by. December stole all my energy, it seems being pregnant around Christmas time is much harder than I remembered. We all came down with the various colds doing the rounds, Phoebe being the worst off with awful croup that just seem to drag on, which meant all Christmas shopping came to a stand still along with my blog. A few days before Christmas we all recovered thankfully and the festive feeling eventually came along with some last-minute shopping trips! Baby girl has developed so much in these last 3 weeks and is such a wriggle.

21 weeks

  • Symptoms

I am starting to feel big changes going on now. The obvious one being my bump and her movements. As a result of this I’m finding bending and lifting really hard work. I’ve also had lots  more aches and pain recently,   lower back is bad but my neck and shoulders seem to be the worst. Gentle stretches help but I’m so tired that I’ve been forgetting to do it along with the pelvic floor exercises! Being poorly with a terrible cold for almost 2 weeks didn’t help as it gave me awful headaches that I couldn’t shift and drained me of any energy I did have.

  • Sickness

I’ve slowly started to reduce the amount of anti sickness tablets I’m having as I’ve actually been feeling heaps better. I’m still sick in the mornings, but it’s something I’m learning to live with. Even when I was taking the full dosage I was still sick most mornings, so I think that’s just part of my pregnancy now. When I next see my midwife I’m going to discuss it and see what she suggests moving forward, but overall it’s a big improvement for me.

22 weeks

  • Emotions

    I would say I’ve been fairly emotional recently, my mood can change so rapidly and I am loosing my cool much quicker than I normally would, especially with Phoebe. Little things are bothering me so much more and I must admit I let the Christmas  stresses get to me. I’m tiring to take each day as it comes and not to worry about the small stuff but it’s easier said than done.

  • Food & Appetite

My appetite has been all over the shop these last weeks, plus starting to find that I can’t eat as much as I’d like too! I’m now able to eat more acidic fruits, so raspberries are back on the menu.

23 weeks

  • Bump & Baby

    Baby girl is getting into a nice rhythm with her sleep cycles, so I know when she’s most active, which is obviously when I am trying to take a nap and mainly at bed time when I’m still! Her movements are becoming really strong and when she has the hiccups, I can’t help but laugh. I can feel her reacting more to sounds now, like when I sing songs with Phoebe or dance around.

  • Phoebe

The little lady wasn’t well for what seemed like weeks, so she was super clingy and turned into a right mummies girl. She’s now more aware she’s going to become a big sister soon, but still not fully understanding why mummy can’t throw her around or be bounced on! I’m really trying to explain it as much as possible and I’ve found some fab books which are helping. The strain of all my extra weight does make playing harder but I’m sure by the time baby girl arrives Phoebe will be that be older (almost 3) and hopefully  playing more independently.

24 weeks
Overall an exhausting few weeks but I’m just happy the sickness has eased off. My next update will follow as quickly as I can write it, and once I’ve caught up with my diary I think I’ll feel a nice sense of achievement. It’s been so hard trying to blog at the moment but I feel I’ve got my mojo back a little so keen to catch up and get some more writing done. Stay tuned for the next instalment.


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