A little catch up

It’s been months since I wrote my last blog post and in theory with phoebe now being a preschool I could have been writing every morning, however I’ve been concentrating on myself, attempting to get the house sorted in time for baby girls arrival plus visting my bestie and her newborn baby, who’s now almost 3 months old. So at first I didn’t write because I had so many things going on I didn’t know where to start. Then once my pregnancy updates fell behind I really lost the motivation to get them back up to date, so I just stopped.

The break has been lovely but keen to start sharing my pregnancy journey again, mainly as my nesting vibes have kicked in. I still want to catch up with my pregnancy updates but there is a lot of weeks so they’ll be in bigger chunks. I also really want to try my hand at vlogging, as Daddy Pig got me a fancy new camera for my 30th birthday present. I think a hospital bag vlog would be a good way to start and go from there, plus it will make me actually finish it!  Any tips or advice on vlogging would be fabulous please, as I’m a complete newbie.

At the beginning of the month I had my baby sprinkle which was such a perfect afternoon spent enjoying a high tea, with friends and family. I choose the venue (Exeter Golf & Country Club) myself as I had started organising it but then my best friend took charge and planned some great sprinkle games. When I turned up it was all beautifully decorated, with balloons, photos of me plus little cute cards for everyone to guess the weight etc on and lots of nappies for guests to write messages/decorate on for those first crazy few changes. We played an A-Z name game and some of the suggestions (sorry guests who are reading this) where totally out there and some I actually liked. Our afternoon tea was a tasty combo of fingers sandwiches, cream teas with scones and all the extras plus a trio of mini desserts.

I received some gorgeous gifts for me and baby girl including a fantastic nappy-cake that my very talented friend made, phoebe enjoyed helping me take it all apart last night but was disappointed it wasn’t real cake. Seeing all my girly friends and family was just what I needed, even if I didn’t get to speak to everyone as much as I’d like I totally appreciated everyone coming together to celebrate our baby girl, like daddy pig said it’s just a good excuse for cake and a natter and I couldn’t agree more.


Following my baby sprinkle it happened to be my 30th birthday, I figured do both celebrations all on one weekend so people traveling could see me on both days. Daddy pigs sister came to stay with us which was lovely as Phoebe got to spend time with her cousin, he’s almost a year younger than her and at times it was really hard as the little lady is so full on and was constantly snatching toys off him and not sharing, we also think she may have thrown an apple at him when we left the room during lunch for 2 seconds…the apple was on the floor and her cousin was crying! They did however have some super cute moments and shared a very bubbly bath in the evening and phoebe didn’t try to drown him so that was good.

The last few months have been a bit of a blur to be honest, they’ve gone by so fast, but I finally feel like things have slotted into place, enough for me to get back to my beloved blog. Having a few hours to myself everyday whilst Phoebe is at preschool is lovely and has meant I’ve been able to rest and prepare for the arrival of our baby girl. The house still needs some major de cluttering and I’ve actually got to wash all the baby clothes at some point but I do feel around 80% prepared, when my hospital bag is packed I know it will all sink in properly and I’ll have a last-minute panic checking everything. We’ve tried to include Phoebe with the pregnancy as much as possible, she’s now helping me pack (take everything out and ask what is it for mummy?) the hospital bag and has shown a big interest in all the nappies and changing station. I’m hoping she’s going to be my little helper and will enjoy getting her baby sister changed and bathed, but who knows. During the pregnancy we’ve been reading some wonderful books on becoming a big sister and having a new baby so I think she knows what’s happening but not fully. There is a lot going on for the little lady and soon her whole world is about to be turned upside down by a tiny little baby, fingers crossed she takes it all in her stride and loves her little sister.


How did your toddler cope when your second child came along? Any advice or tips are more than welcome, I’m also planning on breastfeeding again so things to amuse them while feeding would be handy too.


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