“Captain Mc Grew wants you for his crew” Boolino Book Review


Phoebe loves her books there is no doubt about that but recently she’s started to enjoy certain themes and will insist on only reading say mermaid books or another current favourite, pirate books! I must say I love this stage as it means we can really get into the themes with Phoebe. So when our boolino friends got in touch with a brand new book for us to review all about pirates I couldn’t wait to get on board.

Captain McGrew Wants You for his Crew!

Author:Mark Sperring / Illustrator: Ed Eaves

A fantastic story about a pirate, Captain Mc Grew who’s on the look out for a new crew on his pirate ship, and it could be you! Throughout the book Mc grew explains what the job of a pirate crew will be like and if they are up to the challenge. The crew will have to work day and night looking after the captain cleaning, cooking him octopus stew and even reading him bedtime stories.

The book gets the child involved by asking lots of questions, which phoebe was giggling along to and answering back to Mc Grew. The story has a lovely ending, as the captain has finally picked out his crew it and shiver me timbers it’s YOU! The rhyming plus pirate language makes the book fun, easy to read and flows perfectly, Phoebe now knows what lines coming next and will read along with me. It’s not too long either and completely holds my toddlers attention all the way until the end. I enjoy reading this book with Phoebe and I think I’ve got my pirate voice down to a fine arrrrttt now. You can’t help but get sucked into the exciting story and it’s quickly become a favourite with the little lady, me and daddy pig.

  • Illustration

The illustration is bright, bold and colourful which compliments the story in just the right way. They have created a fantastic captain with a big ginger beard, pet parrot and not forgetting the all important eye patch. I love the fact they have included boys and girls in the job hunt and made each of them different. Phoebe notices things like this and will often comment on what they are wearing or the colour of their hair, so it’s nice when a you find a book that does this. The pictures make it easy for children to follow the story and phoebe loves pointing out all the little details each page has to offer.

  • My Best Bit

It’s quite early on in the story, the line you must be prepared to shout land ahoy, seems to get me into pirate mode and phoebe loves getting to shout!

Captain McGrew land Ahoy!

  • Phoebe’s Best Bit

When I asked her she also said the land ahoy page but I think she also like the walking the *plank part, as we play pirates at home and walking the plank goes down well!

*The plank is often a blanket.

  • Price

£4.89 (£6.99 save 30%) Free shipping

Paperback / soft back Edition 2017

  • Age

5 Years (however my 3-year-old loves it)

Have you recently read this book? What did you love about it and what was your favourite part? Check out the Boolino website for more fantastic books.

We were kindly sent a copy of this book from Boolino to review and all words and options are my own and my toddlers! 

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2 thoughts on ““Captain Mc Grew wants you for his crew” Boolino Book Review

  1. Sounds great. We’re always on the look out for new books to read. Know exactly what you mean with the theme. Isabelle got a book about Dinosaur pooh – so we have a pooh and pants/knickers theme going on……

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